Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All my news!

First off-I finally figured out what the rash is that is all over my legs and now getting on my arms. I guess I am having an allergic reaction to something-not sure what-and it is causing me to get the same atopic dermititus, otherwise known as eczema-just like Kayleigh. They gave me two different medications to try to take care of it but it is definitely making me drowsy so I am praying that tomorrow I can get up on time and do school with the kids and take care of 8 kids all day!

Second news, and very exciting I might add, Jon gets to go to Disney with us. We are all so excited about this. He does have to do some work while he is there but it is a small price to pay for him to have this vacation with us! He will be on leave from the 6th to the 20th of September and we leave the 8th to head to Florida! During this time I will also not be babysitting when we come back and the kids will be on leave from school so it will be nice to spend family time together with no early mornings once we are back!

So nothing else really new besides that! Things are going great with homeschooling! We are loving it! We made pinata's today that I am hoping stay together. If they don't we will be buying one to take to Shari and Erics next weekend for our Mexican fiesta! Well, I am going to head to bed since this medicine is making me very tired! Have a great night everyone and thanks so much for the prayers!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wow-has it really been almost a month???

I guess I have been so addicted to farm town that I have not had time to update my blog. Things have been going ok here! The kids started school on the 20th of last month and are doing great! There are days that I just can't believe how much they have learned in these last 3 1/2 weeks and I can't believe we are on our 4th week of school.

Justice is so cute! Part of the kids school is to learn different verses from Proverbs! Everytime we get to a new one a little while later in the day he comes up to me and tells me the song that he made up to remember the verse! He is so creative-gets it from his dad for sure! They are just doing so well being homeschooled I just don't know what took me so long to decide to do it! I don't think anything will make me want to go back to public school!

Well our big Disney trip is getting closer. A matter of fact a month from now we will be enjoying out second day there! The kids are so excited about it. The babies keep counting down the days-every morning and they never forget to tell me it is almost their birthday. I know that we are spending a lot of money for this trip and that it is considered Michael and the twins birthday gifts but I am still having a hard time not getting them lots of stuff for their birthday. We don't have the money and I really feel that this is good enough as long as we get them something small but I have never done this before so it makes me feel bad! Please be praying that Jon gets to go with us. He put in his leave form yesterday but it is not looking promising because they will be doing lots of training in September so he might be stuck here instead of having fun with us. I really wish he could go with us so please keep praying!

So Kayleigh got liquid stitches on her left eye last week. Michael accidently turned around really fast with a nerf gun not knowing that she was behind him and got her right in the eye. Michael felt so bad and was crying saying he is the worst brother in the world! Kayleigh did really well though and even though the meds they gave her didn't make her fall asleep like they were supposed to she layed there with eyes closed and let them do the work that they needed to. Now if I could just figure out why she is running a fever we would be good.

Alright, I am done for now! Can't remember what I have posted and haven't but that is life now in a nutshell!