Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So it has been crazy

Alot has happened since Friday when I posted. I started babysitting my neighbors twins and that is going well. Today especially went good. Jon ended up having to work late and so did my neighbor so I ended up taking all 7 kids to the neighborhood center by myself for the free pizza and hot dog dinner. I have to say I was so nervous but all 7 of the kids were on their best behavior and they did awesome! I was very impressed with them and because they did so well we came home and they got to go swimming in the backyard!

So yesterday didn't go as planned at all. We started it off with taking Adrianna to the hospital. She woke up and was shaking, and every time she moved her face and stomach hurt not to mention that her temp was only 96. I called Jon and he ended up coming home dispite the fact that if he misses 8 hours of class he has to start over. THe good thing is they took her back right away. Turns out she is dehydrated again and they were worried it may have something to do with her appendix. I think it is just the dehydration though because she is doing much better today. She is being forcefed water though and will be for awhile.

This evening I got a call from my mom telling my that my Great Uncle had just passed away. I am sad but so greatful that I was able to see him this past summer when I was home. He was battling lukemia for a long time and there was nothing more that they could do. I wish I could be home right now but am praying for all of them!

I also found out two days ago that after my Grandma gets done in Michigan she is going to take a trip down here to see me! I am sooo excited to be able to see her again. I think it will be the best Birthday Present ever if she is here for that! I am praying that she has safe travels---she already got there safely just praying for a safe trip for the rest of the time she is traveling.

Please also pray for my step dad. He just passed his first part of his interview for a new job and is on to the second part! I am so excited for him because this would be the perfect job!

Ok that is it for now! I am adding a slideshow on here of some pictures that I have taken recently! Enjoy and have a great evening!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Not much to post today! I do have to say though that the weather is BEAUTIFUL! We are taking the twins to their play group this morning and it is the perfect day for it to be at the park! I can't wait to get them out and let them have some fresh air! They are so excited to go to play-they have been talking about it all morning!

The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous! I am thinking we will be outside almost all weekend! I better figure out where I put the sun block! Saturday we may go to our first Fayetteville Guard game because it will be free for us but we will see! Anyway, better go and get the girls ready! I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break!

So we have had a pretty good Spring Break! The kids have been ok! There have been a lot of arguing between the older three because they were "bored" but other than that they had fun! One day we did a picnic in the front yard and they really liked that. They have enjoyed just laying around and being lazy.

Things other than that have been pretty good. We are trying to adjust to yet another new schedule since Jon's has changed once again. It is making things really difficult with everything that I need to do as well. We are now going to have a lot more days of getting up early in the morning so I can have the van. I sure can't wait until Jon gets another vehicle or gets his Jeep up and running.

Not this coming week but the next I am going to start watching my new neighbors twin girls! They are so cute and I am hoping that my twins have fun playing during the day with her twins! It will make for some long days because they will get to the house around 6 am and not leave until around 7 pm but should but ok!

Well, other than that no new news here! Not looking forward to getting up early in the morning but it will be fine-just getting into the same ol schedule again! Hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter

So Easter went well. The kids looked so cute dressed up. I sooo love the hair bows that one of my neighbors made for the girls! Of course getting a good picture of the kids together is another story! We did an Easter Egg hung after church again-our third one three days in a row. The kids had so much fun! We even used some of our dogs holes that she dug to hide the eggs in. We do however have an egg hiding out in the yard somewhere that we can't find!!!

Haven't posted much because I no longer have a computer. My dog spilled my Sprite can and Michael didn't notice that the Sprite went under the computer so he just picked up the can. I was upstairs at the time giving the girls their bath and putting them to bed so it was awhile before I came down and noticed that my computer no longer worked and why. I am upset about it because just before I went upstairs I added new pictures from my camera to the computer and deleted them before I found out the computer didn't work anymore so now if I can't save them I lost them but at least recently I took all the rest of the pictures and put them on disks. So needless to say I have been using Jon's computer so we have to share and I can't be on as much as I would like to be.

Hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend. The kids have Spring Break this week so they are going crazy with nothing to do-especially since the weather hasn't been too nice and today it is nice but very wet out! I had to cancel my dental appointment for Friday since my babysitters are all out of state and Jon can't get out of work. Too bad-I guess my last three fillings have to wait awhile. My mouth still hurts from the last ones anyway which probably means the root canal is definitely in my near future! Well, I better go and get the kids finished with lunch and the babies down for their naps! I can't wait for a little quiet-I might just send the older three outside! Enjoy the pictures!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

So tired

So the week has definitely been busy! We have had our fair share of appointments this week but nothing too bad. I will say though that my mouth is killing me. Saturday I went and had four of my seven fillings put in my mouth Not fun ever but when you are going through it fine and not feeling a thing and then all of the sudden you get this sharp shooting pain in your face it is no fun. I almost jumped off the chair and threw the dentists hands away from my face it hurt so bad. He asked the assistant for something-not sure what and then after putting that in my mouth things were fine again. When he was done he told me the reason that I had the pain all the sudden is because they were too close to my nerve. One of my cavities was very deep and that there is a good chance I will need a root canal if my mouth won't heal itself. Well, the first day my mouth was sensitive but then got better. Now all of the sudden anything cold in my mouth hurts and that makes me nervous because I would rather not have a root canal if I can help it!

So I can't remember much about the week. It has all gone by and I am so tired everything is a blur except today. Well, I got a call so I had to go around the block to see the beautiful bows that one of the neighbors are making for the girls for Easter. Well, Jon was working on his Jeep which is right by the backyard where the kids were. Everytime he looked up at the girls they were on their climbing toy that has a slide on it with their back to him playing. Well, Kiersten said-Daddy look and when he did the girls were covered in ketchup. They must of went inside and got the container of it and then started playing with it on the slide and toy. They were covered in it and must of also been eating it-they looked like clowns! We had to hose down the climbing toy and then give the girls a bath. All I can say is at least they took it outside and didn't make the mess in the house!

Lately if you ask Kayleigh if she is a pretty girl, or whinny, or tired anything she will get a mad look on her face and say "No I am not (fill in the blank), I am Kayleigh!!! We laugh so hard! Then tonight when I was telling family about it on the phone Kiersten said "I am a pretty girl". Then Kayleigh looked at Kiersten and said "No, you are not a pretty girl you are Kirten!" She was very serious about it too! It is just so funny when she does this!

Well, I think this is it for today! I am so so tired and need to get to bed! The kids have one more day of school and then they will be on Spring Break!!! I am so looking forward to sleeping in some mornings! Have a great night every one!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Man I have been slacking....

It seems I keep going days without posting anything! Sorry-life has been crazy this week! Nothing but appointments as usual! Monday and Tuesday Adrianna had her psychiatrist and therapy appointments and she seems to be doing well! I really think that the therapy is helping her adjust to things better which is good but her attitude still gets WAY out of hand sometimes and that drives me crazy!

Justice had his dentist appointment on Tuesday. His problems in his mouth have been being caused by his medication because he can't swallow the medication sometimes right away he just holds it in his mouth which in turn gave him the problems with his gums. If he keeps doing that then I need to switch his medication!

Kayleigh and Kiersten had their dentist appointments yesterday. Kayleigh LOVED it! Let me just say I have NEVER been to a dentist office like this one! It is really cool for the kids! They brought so much stuff home. Kayleigh did well having her teeth checked-she let the dentist look at and clean her teeth. Her teeth are very good. Kiersten, of course, on the other hand did not like it. She liked it until it until it was her turn that is. She of course didn't want the dentist to touch her mouth. She does have some issues that are caused by her thumb always being in her mouth. We have to try to stop that at least before 6 years old! She also HATED the floride on her teeth. She kept gagging and trying to spit the taste out of her mouth. She kept saying she didn't like it and she wanted water. Hoping that next time it is a little easier!!!

My dentist appointment was today and let me say that I didn't like it either. I got a nice deep cleaning! I knew what was coming though----FIVE CAVITIES!!! I knew about four of them. They told me in Germany that I had four cavities but I would of had to go off base to have them filled and that would of cost me a fortune!!! Now I have five that have to be taken care of and I will start that tomorrow!!! Not looking forward to that wonderful start to my weekend but if I don't get it done quick it might end up being a root canel and I definately do not want that!

Well, this weekend it is going to be the norm. Friends over tomorrow-church on Sunday-all the fun weekend stuff-minus the dentist tomorrow!!! Hope that everyone has a great weekend!