Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back from Disney

Ok-so I have been back for a few days but have been really busy! The trip went great! We all had such a great time and the kids will remember this trip forever! It was so nice to have my mother and father in law with us! We were so happy to spend all this quality time together!

The kids got 25 character signatures! They LOVED meeting all of their favorites! We even got to meet Tinker Bell which I didn't know was possible! I got so many pictures but had trouble loading those so if you want to see them you will need to go to my facebook! I did however get to upload Michael and the twins pictures from Sears! They turned out so good! I just love the girl that takes their pictures and the kids love her too so that makes it even easier! And yes-before anyone asks-Kiersten is really that much taller than Kayleigh! You don't know how many times I get that question!

Well, I guess that is all for now! Hope all is going well with everyone else! Until next time,