Saturday, January 31, 2009

So tired

Wow-yesterday was a pretty good day! I went to my first small group and met some people which was nice. The girls got to play and really enjoyed themselves. We had to leave early though because the kids got out of school early. After we went and picked up Jon from work we took a trip to Walmart and got some stuff, Adrianna has a birthday party to go to today and needed a present and we got a card table which we have been wanting for years since Jons mom made the boys a tent to go over a card table and they have never been able to use it because we haven't had the table. After our trip to Walmart we came home and had a Spaghetti dinner and can you believe everyone helped me clean up afterwards. It was the quickest clean up yet and was so nice to have all the help! We also decided that it was going to be a family night. We are going to try to do this on Friday nights so hopefully we can keep it up. We had popcorn and watched Horton hears a Who-it was a cute movie!

The night didn't fair so well for me and Kiersten though. Turns out she has my cold that I had last week and couldn't breath out of her nose. This presents a problem when you are a thumb sucker which she is even though we are trying to break her of it since it is messing up her teeth. Needless to say she woke up several times screaming because she couldn't breath and I rushed in there making sure each time she didn't have a fever and she didn't. Needless to say Jon is out with Justice for breakfast and shopping and I am having him pick up some Vicks to put on her tonight so we both can get some rest!

Today is going to be fun I think. I have to sweep and mop but other than that my spring cleaning is done. At 1pm Adrianna goes to the birthday party and then Jon is going to this house where we are buying a fence from! I can't wait to get that up for sure! Then the dog can go out whenever she wants to just run and play and I can take the girls out and not worry about them running towards the road! This evening we are having some friends over for cards. We will be doing this every Saturday night now-taking turns between our house and one of our friends. When we do it at her house we will be staying the night there so we can have fun longer (she lives 40 minutes away). We just take Daisy with us and she plays with her dogs in the back yard! I am also excited because Valentines weekend we are going to Florida to see my sister Ericka! We haven't seen her in 7 years. I have had three kids she has never met since then and she has had two. That is the joys of the military-you miss out on seeing family sometimes but I am so glad that we live close enough now that we can visit sometimes!

Ok-I am off of here to get the stuff done that I need to. Adrianna is bugging to get this present wrapped also! Have a great day and weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am impressed

Wow-I can't believe how much work I got done today! I was for some reason in this big cleaning mood. I have been so sick of telling the boys and Adrianna (mainly the boys) to clean their room so when I put the girls down for their naps I went and did it. I went threw all of their toys and got rid of whatever I felt needed to go and I mean I went threw it all! Then I got the rooms vacummed and moved on to the next room! The whole upstairs is basically done. Then when I got back from doing some running today I made the kids help me put the books away from downstairs and pick up the stray toys that made it down here and vacummed all the downstairs. Tomorrow my plans are to really scrub all the bathrooms and the kitchen floor and then the whole house will be spring cleaned and it is not even spring yet-this year I am ahead of schedule! It just felt so good to get this all done today and my wonderful husband made a great dinner!

Ok-that is about all I have to share tonight. I have to get a shower tonight and do my devotions and then get to bed! Gotta get up early tomorrow so I can take Jon into work! I am keeping the van so I can go to my first small group meeting with the twins in the morning! I am so excited to meet some new people!!! Have a great night!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a LONG day!

First let me start off by saying that Kiersten is doing ok. When she got out of bed this morning she started whining a little bit and said her leg hurt but she is continuing to walk on it. The knee is still swollen-actually I think it is bigger than yesterday but she seems to be handling it fine!

So today was a pretty long day-hince the title! After getting the kids all up and getting the older ones to school I had to come right home and start laundry! This involved Kiersten and Kayleigh's blankets. On the way home from the school Kiersten accidently dropped her blanket in the mud so there was no going around the washer! Needless to say this did not make the girls very happy. Kayleigh at first was ok with it. Kiersten tried to climb the washer to get the blanket out of it. Then she was hyperventilating as she cried and cried for her blanket! I finally got her calmed down and about 10 minutes later the washer was done. I went upstairs to change the clothes to the dryer and she was so excited that her blanket was done----big let down. The blanket now has to be dried and someone was not to happy about that! Let me tell you when that dryer was done this mommy was oh so excited! I think I was more excited than the girls because now I could have some happy girls instead of screaming ones!

I got a phone call from the TEACCH program today. I am not sure if I put this on here but Adrianna needs to be evaluated for Pervasive Developmental Disorder which goes along with Autism spectrum disorders I guess! Anyway, they told me that I have to go through the school psychologist in order to get the packet and get their services! So I decided to get the girls up from the nap that they were not taking and head up to the school to see him. As I was getting the girls ready I get another phone call from-you guessed it-Justice's teacher! Problem was the phone at the school was messed up and I couldn't understand her at all and then we were disconnected! Good thing I was heading to the school anyway! Got to the school and of course the psychologist isn't there all the time and was not there so I had to leave him a message to get ahold of me! Then I headed to Justice's class! He was in timeout at the time and then I found out what he did. The boy just doesnt listen and then when he has to move his clip down he gets angry because he knows that he is in trouble from not getting that purple cat! He promised his teacher that he was going to have a better day and get that purple cat and he did! Also-the girls and I got to stay in the classroom for the rest of the day so it was pretty neat. The girls had a blast and Justice got to show me a little of what they do! Kayleigh made friends immediately-all the kids were taking her by the hand and leading her to different stations-she even painted a picture and put it on the fridge. Kiersten stayed with Justice and played-no surprise there-she is antisocial! She had fun though. I did talk to his teacher and I will be making him some appointments to have him evaluated for ADHD. Bringing up another thing. I did also find out yesterday from Adrianna's psychologist that from the eval done on her she is ADHD! Never would of thought she had the "H" in that equation but she does. So if she is ADHD then Justice is ADHD with about 5 "H"'s. The psychologist did also prescribe some medication for her to start on that will hopefully calm down her outbursts she has-we will see!

The rest of the day flew by. Got home and there was some guys selling all this meat and we spent alot of money but will not have to buy meat for a long time! We made an awesome dinner! Steaks, fried potatoes and mushrooms-Jon's style! Kept doing laundry, gave the kids baths and showers, cleaned the twins room and put the kids to bed. Now I am sitting here and watching American Idol!

Anyway, this got a lot longer than I intended it to! Guess I had a lot to say tonight! Hope everyone has a great evening!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When it rains it poors....

So with everything else going on I guess I just needed something else added to it! Everyday when Jon gets home from work (Just before the older three kids get home from school) the babies get so excited and start yelling-Daddy and run to the door! Well, today it happened like always but the dog was just as excited! Well, the dog and Kiersten collided which caused Kiersten to hurt her leg. We thought she broke it at first because she couldn't put any weight on it without collapsing. Adrianna had her therapy appointment today so the neighbor watched Michael, Justice and Kayleigh and I dropped Kiersten and Jon off at the ER and then took Adrianna to her appointment. Almost six hours later we find out that her leg is not broke. It could be her ligiments but they are not sure. It is a little swollen right now but she is walking on it better! If she continues to have trouble walking on it in the next few days then I have to take her to her doctor. So anyway-I have had a long day and I am heading to bed! Hope everyone has a great night!

Monday, January 26, 2009

New information on Adrianna

Looks like we are going to be going through more evaluations with Adrianna. We went back to the psychologist today and he had a little more information for us. He is pretty sure that Adrianna has ADD but also thinks that she has something called PDD (pervasive developmental disorder). It goes along with the Autism spectrums one of which is the asperger syndrome that we wondered about before. If she has this she has one of the more functioning disorders from it. Chances are she will require medication. I told him that I was concerned that it would make her into a zombie and I want her to have a personality. He said that if he or I notices anything like that then we will change the medicine. As of right now she is not on anything. He wants me to get this going and I guess there is a whole packet that you fill out and then a waiting list so this may take awhile. I am not sure if he is going to put her on medication before then or not so I am just waiting for now. I will call the company in the morning and see what I can find out! Please continue to pray for her and the people that are going to be working with her as she goes through all this new testing. If it does end up being what she has then it is going to be a lot easier to get her help in school! I will let you guys know what I find out from the TEACCH program when I get some information. Thanks!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Paying for the weather Change

So with all this weather change-going from warm weather to snow and single digits back to warm weather has taken it's toll on my. I now have an awful cold with runny nose and it is making my ears be very painful! No fun at all! Seems like everything is echoing in my head. I am hoping that it goes away soon but it just has gotten worse since Wednesday night!

Today was an ok day. The girls refused to take their nap in the early morning and when I went in to get them out after realizing that they were not going to take a nap they had pulled out all their toys from their closet! The wole room was a mess but I was not feeling good enough to clean it up so I ask Michael and Adrianna to help the girls do it tonight! The girls did finally get a nap in though and boy did they make up for not taking it the time they usually d-they slept forever. I ended up waking Kiersten up because she was sleeping so long!

Lanna came over for dinner tonight and it was nice to visit with her! We ended up getting Chinese which is one of my favorites! The kids all picked what they wanted to eat and they chose Chinese. Last time we let them pick, when we first got back to the states, they picked Red Lobster---boy was that an expensive but good meal. It was a mistake though because we just got to SC from Germany not 24 hours before that and the kids were so tired that Adrianna and Justice lay on the floor and fell asleep! At least the people around us thought it was cute!

Nothing really else is going on new here! I am going to just enjoy the weekend! Hopefully the kids will let me sleep in in the morning because I can use the sleep! Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So a little after midnight the snow started falling here in North Carolina! Can you believe that! We got rid of all of our fun snow things-sleds and snowpants, boots the whole works!Needless to say the town is shut down and everyone has a snow day! Daisy was a little freaked out at the snow this morning. I took her out to go to the bathroom and she was pretty scared at first. After being scared she started attacking the snow. When we all went outside to play in it she started having so much fun! So much in fact that she keeps whinning at the backdoor because she wants to keep going out in it!

The kids had so much fun when we took them outside to play in the snow! It was fun to do something like this as a family! Jon didn't have to go to work because the base was shut down! So I am adding a slideshow to this so you can see all the fun we all had! Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

What a weekend!

So my weekend didn't start out too great but it is going good now. The electricity ended up going off 4 times but none as long as the 1st time it went out. I took Justice and Kiersten out for their special day on Saturday. They both were pretty cranky and ended up falling asleep in the van on the way to Walmart. Justice got his new pair of shoes that he needed. Hopefully the feet of my children will stop growing so fast! He wanted Taco Bell for dinner and I was feeling like chinese so I got both of them the taco bell, I went and got my food and we came home and ate the food in my room. I told everyone in the house to act like we were not home, which did not go over well with Adrianna, if you can imagine-kicking and screaming at the bedroom door like someone was being kille-yeah, that was Dri! We finished our dinner while watching cartoons and then went downstairs with everyone else.

Jon has been so awesome this weekend. He has kept the kitchen cleaned up and made the most awesome chicken fajitas that I have ever tasted last night! I felt so sick afterwards because it was so good I had to have more and ate waaaayyyy too much! After we put the kids to bed we stayed up and watch Facing the Giants. It is a Christian movie and was great! It was nice to sit and spend some time with just him without us being on our computers!

Of course the weekend for us is not over yet. The kids don't go back to school until Wednesday and Jon goes back to work tomorrow! I am letting him sleep in as long as he wants this morning-he deserves it for sure! I am going to go and try to work out this morning when he gets up-just depends on the time.

Well, I realized this morning that we should of brought the boots we bought for the kids in Michigan home. My weather is calling for snow. We are under a winter storm watch calling for up to 6 inches and the kids do not have boots here. Oh well, I guess if they want to play in the snow they will have to do it with their shoes on and then warm up their feet!

I think that is all for now! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and has a great day!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Real quick

I am going crazy! WE woke up this morning with no electricity which in turn means no heat!!! With this Arctic Air going through it is way to cold for no heat and the temperature in the house dropped quickly. Four hours later it came back but we have lost it three times since then. Please pray that it stays on this time! We definitely need heat today!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Been awhile

Man-it has been awhile but I sure have been busy! This week I am pretty proud of myself! I have gone to the gym every day since Tuesday. I couldn't go Monday because Adrianna had some appointments. I haven't noticed any weight loss and probably won't for awhile which is frustrating but I am still going. Next week will be off because Monday I think it is closed and Tuesday the kids don't have school so if I go that day it will have to be after Jon comes home from work! I like going in the morning though. We all (except Jon since he is at work) walk up to the school where I drop the older three off and then the twins and I walk over to the neighborhood center where the gym is at! They have a playroom for the girls that has a window wall so I can see them and they can see me! The girls have been doing pretty good with being in there minus Kiersten trying to take something from a baby the first day and then crying the whole time the second day but I have been keeping at it!!!

So the last two days I have had Adrianna up to the hospital. On Wednesday she came home from school and was having pains in the left side of her chest and was seeing yellow spots. I called the doctor and they wanted me to bring her to the ER. They did an EKG, urine, bloodwork, and an xray and then brought her back the next day for an ultrasound on her kidneys. Everything turned out fine. She does have a couple large cysts in her left kidney that may have caused the pain but they are not infected and her kidneys are not enlarged so that is a good thing. They think that it has all been caused by dehydration and maybe some constipation so that is a good thing. We just have to make sure she is drinking lots of water! It was pretty scary though and I hope that it doesn't happen again!

I found out today that my stepdad will be laid off the end of February. Please be praying that he is able to find a new job quickly! I also hope that he finds one closer to where we live. I miss seeing them all the time! This country just has such a shortage of jobs that everyone is struggling and I praying that things work out for everyone!

Justice is driving me crazy. He is having a very hard time in school. The boy just doesn't seem to be able to stay out of trouble! Now he would rather stay home then go to school so he refuses to listen and pulls away from his teacher all the time. He will not take correction from anyone and I think spends more time in the office than actually in class! Please pray that he will get over this phase soon. No matter what type of punishment that we give him it doesn't seem to matter-he still will not listen. I am pretty sure that he is ADHD but I am not going to do the medicine thing because I know that is not the right way to go. It is ok for some people but I think that we can handle it without making him a zombie!

Well, I think that is all for now! Nothing else new here. Hope that everyone has a great day and a great weekend!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So I took Kiersten to her appointment today. She has gained a little weight dispite her not eating well. The doctor wants me to get ahold of her neurologist and make another appointment because of her change in her attitude since her last seizure. She also put a referral in for the developmental pediatrician. Of course the waiting list to get into that doctor is 3-5 months-they will call if there are any openings. The doctor thinks that she should have another MRI done on her brain to make sure that nothing has changed since the last seizure. Seems like an easy test but I hate it because they have to put her to sleep for it with medications and there are always risks with that. I really want to have her checked out but I would rather be able to do it without the test! I guess I will see what Dr. Jaffe says! Anyway, please keep praying for her.

Adrianna has to go in tomorrow morning and get some blood work done and an EKG. Her psychologist wants to get some tests done just to make sure that if for some reason he needs to put her on medication he knows that everything else is ok. She is not looking forward to getting her blood taken but she is acting ok about it! I really hope that they can help us understand her more and be able to help her feel less angry and scared when change comes!

Anyway, other than that I am upset about dinner tonight. I think that the turkey was partly still frozen on the inside but it didn't feel like it because half of it wasn't cooked when we took it out. It was over 180 degrees where we put the thermometer but obviously was not done and it didn't have one of those pop up buttons so that didn't help! Here I was trying to make a nice dinner for the family and the turkey turned out awful and the pumpkin pie didn't cook fast enough so it wasn't ready to be eaten until after the kids went to bed! Oh well-I guess that they can enjoy it tomorrow!

Ok-I am off of here and going to bed since I have to get up at 5am again in order to have the van for the day! Hope that everyone has a great night!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To the New Year!

First let me say I haven't been on recently because my cord on my computer stopped working. Jon uses his computer for school so I can only use it when he is not home or not doing school work. I also wasn't sure what the web address for the blog was and remembered it last night so I decided to get on here today and update everyone!

I can't believe it is the New Year already! I am looking forward to this year and hope that it is a good one! Things are going ok here. Our trip was awesome! We got to see almost everyone that we set out to see-only missed seeing two families! I am going to make sure that we see them on our next trip!

On the way home we had good weather again! We only had one bad thing happen and that was Jon getting pulled over by an Ohio State Cop! Now everyone knows that Ohio Cops are jerks so I was not happy when Jon said oh no and started pulling over! I also was not feeling very good (Jon drove all but 2 1/2 hours because of this) so that didn't make this any better! Well, to our wonderful surprise and shock the cop decided to give us a friendly warning! There is no way Jon should of got away with this because he was going 15 over the speed limit but the cop decided to be nice and we were very greatful!

Now we are home and back to reality! My house is a mess! The dog was left out unattended which I was not happy about but I can't do anything about it but alot of stuff was tore up including my favorite and only pair of sandles!!! So I need to work on this house some-which is hard since I have not been able to catch up on not feeling good and have been so exhausted!

The kids are back in school! Adrianna is home today though because she got sick this morning. She is acting totally fine though so I wish I could of sent her to school! She is now in my room watching TV. The girls are back to potty training again. While in Michigan they decided that the bathroom was a waste of their time so ended up back in pull ups which didn't help Kayleigh any because she has always had rashes when she was wearing them! The kids love their new school! Their classrooms are so nice. Now if they could just get a playground there the school would be perfect.

Kiersten has started something new. She has decided that she likes to drink from the toliet. She is driving me nuts. No wonder she is not feeling good lately! I give her plenty of water, milk and juice but the girls insists on getting cups and going in the bathroom getting water from the toliet. No matter how we punish her she continues to do it. We can't leave the bathroom door closed because-one-we are potty training-and two-she knows how to open doors anyway! Anyone have any ideas of how to stop her or as to why she is doing this let me know!

Adrianna went to she her psychologist for the first time this week. He just asked alot of questions. He is getting some labs done on her and an EEG to make sure her heart is ok just in case he decides that she needs some type of medication and gave me some paperwork for her teacher to fill out! I hope that we can do this without medication. I don't feel that kids need to be put on medicine for every little thing that goes on but if it is decided that she needs it then we will see.

Ok-I think that is enough of an update for now! I think I am going to try to pick up around here and maybe take a nap when the girls do. It is such a dreary day and I am so so tired! Hope everyone has had a great New Year so far!