Friday, February 27, 2009

Tired once again!

Well, today has been a fun but long day! We got up at 4:40am so I could take Jon into work. I needed to have the van for small group! The kids were not too happy with us about that but they will live! We had a good day though! The twins and I went to a park with the small group on base and we played for 3 1/2 hours! They had lunch there and everything! They love swings-always have and I spent most of the time over at those but they played alot with other kids and slides and stuff! After that I went over to Jon's work and got his bag and then home to get the other kids! It was kind of scary though when we were going to the school! There were MP's everywhere! They even had 4 MP's on four-wheelers with big guns on their backs going through all the trees! I told my neighbor that I don't know whether to feel protected or scared! When Justice came out of the school he was upset because he had a bad day-the only one this week though and I am not blaming him since he was up so early! Anyway, he walked away from me and went over on this hill that he always goes to after school. Well, one of the MP's walked over to him and started talking to him because I guess we were not allowed to have the kids away from us! The kids were not even allowed outside of the school today! When we came home this evening Jon and I asked the MP's at the gate what was going on and they said one report was there was a guy in the trees with a gun and another was because we had Senators and big shots at the school because today was the dedication (which Adrianna's class sang for)! Either way it was pretty scary seeing all these MP's all over the place!

So after talking to Adrianna's doctor she sent a referral in to a doctor that can test her for the PDD-NOS! As soon as I get the approval in the mail I can call and make the appointment! I just hope the waiting list is kind of short! I am just ready for some answers!

Let's just say I am so glad it is the weekend! I am sleeping in tomorrow for sure! I need to catch up on rest! Also tomorrow night is Poker Night again and it is the weekend we will stay at Lanna's! Looking forward to some fun fun fun! I MISS ALL MY FRIENDS! I can think of so many people that I wish that could come and play Poker with us to make it even more fun! I have an idea-everyone move here!!!

Well, have a great weekend everyone! I am going to bed thinking about the fact that in 15 days my baby boy will be 6 years old! Love to all!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few things...

So yesterday I got pretty upset. I got a call from the school saying they got my letter and the letter from the therapist on Adrianna. They told me that they will meet next week to decide if they will do testing on Adrianna but if her behavior is not effecting her at school they will not test her. She also wanted to inform me that the schools contract with TEACCH has lapsed and if they do decide to test her she would still have to wait the 18 months!!!I am so upset about this! I am sick of having to wait for help for Dri! SO I am going to put a call in to the doctor in a few minutes and see if there is anything she can do to get her tested through someone else!

So when Jon came home last night I was ready to walk out the door and work out at Curves! I told him what was going on with Adrianna and then started to walk out the door. When I got to the van I noticed a beautiful vase with a dozen roses in it! Jon is such a sweet heart. Every once in awhile he surprises me with something like this. I wish that I had the CF card to my new camera because I would take a picture of them and post them on here. Maybe I will get that in the mail before the flowers go bad and I can still take a picture!

So that is it for now! I will keep everyone updated on what I find out from the doctor! Thanks for the continued prayers!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Quote from Justice

So Justice just came up to me and asked what our phone number was. I told him and then he said he had to write it down. I asked why because I sure didn't want him running around giving it to other people!!! He said that he wanted it for when he moves out. He wants to be able to call when he moves to see if he can come over and play checkers or poker or something! (Mind you he is very serious as he is saying all of this and I am trying not to crack up!) So then I asked him when he was planning on moving out! He said "Probably when I am 80!" He just cracks me up-I am so glad he is my son!!! By the way he has had an awesome last two days at school! I am so proud of him for trying so hard!

Waiting Patiently

So I am sitting here and it is almost 10am. I am waiting patiently for my camera to arrive. The UPS site says that it has left for delivery and I just can't wait until it gets here! I know I will probably have to charge the batteries before I can use it but I just can't wait to see it!

I am also excited because last night while I was at Curves Jon and Bud finished my fence! I am so happy about this! The best part is when it was freezing cold this morning (it still is cold just hit 31 degrees) all I had to do is open the back door and let the dog out instead of going out and walking her! That is so nice because when walking her she gets distracted by everything that moves and it sometimes takes forever for her to actually go to the bathroom! I swear if it is possible for dogs to have ADHD she has it-lol!!!

I am trying to clean up my house! We had people over two days this weekend and nine kids in the house and I have been worn out-things kind of got messy! It isn't too bad actually but when you have no energy you just don't feel like doing anything. I will get to it today though-as long as I am not taking a thousand pictures-lol!!!

Kiersten has been in a very bad mood lately! I hope this isn't a bad sign! I am just not sure what to do about it. She starts off by giving me this look like no one better go near her. She has even started coming up to me and hitting me like Adrianna does! I am trying to crack down on her but it is hard because it is in the back of my mind what is something is going on??? Please be praying that she gets in a better mood soon. This morning she was so mad that she got to the table and threw her whole bowl of cereal everywhere. I was very upset. She then got down from teh table and came to me with that look. I picked her up and asked her what was wrong and she said she didn't feel good so I gave her a hug and told her she didn't need to act bad. Sorry-I had to stop and laugh! Kiersten and Kayleigh run around with no pull ups on because of the potty training and Kiersten just walked in the living room with Justice's green shorts on and she looks so funny!

Well, I am off of here to put the girls down for their naps and wait even more patiently for my package! Have a great day everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I know Jody can sympathize with me on this-even more because she has an extra little one! The girls are going crazy! They have started getting into everything. I can't turn around and do anything without one of them getting into something. I think they have a little get together and decide who goes to what room to mess something up so the other one can go and get into something in another room. At least they don't drink from the toliet anymore. They also have learned that if they climb on chairs and move them over to the cubboard that they can get things they normally can not reach! Poor Jon was watching them the other day and when I called and asked how things were going he said the girls were driving him nuts. They now love to get into the trash and pull things out and sometimes eats things that they have decided did not belong in there! I used to get angry when people would see the twins and say double trouble but now I know exactly what they are talking about. They were such easy babies-I guess they are making up for it now! When they do things wrong they also go and hide-or if they sneak getting into food or something they get the food and go hide behind a chair to eat it!!! I need another vacation so I can get enough energy to keep up with these two little rug rats!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a great weekend!!!

We have had such a good weekend! Friday we had a family night with the kids! We played games with them and had ice cream! It was nice just to spend some time with them. Saturday was a busy day as usual. I went to a women's brunch at my church. It was nice to get out and do that. When I got home Jon took Michael out and then we had friends over here for poker! It is nice to do this every Saturday night! We love spending time with friends! Today we had church and then our neighbors came over. Bud helped Jon put up the fence. They got half of it up but it was freezing outside and they were missing a few pieces so we are going to get those pieces tomorrow and finish it then! I can't wait to have it done! It will be so nice to take the girls outside and not have to worry about them running for the road. Not to mention the fact that if the dog wants out I can just open the door and let her out!

I am still sticking to going to Curves! I can't wait until my first weigh in on the 6th! I really hope that I have lost some weight! I should be getting my new camera on Tuesday! I can't wait for that to arrive! Believe me I will be taking LOTS of pictures once I get it! Hopefully it will be nice outside and I can take some outside pictures of the kids!

Well, I am still really tired so I am going to head to bed now! Hope that everyone else had a great weekend as well!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am so tired

I don't know what it is about this week but I am wore out! I just can't get enough rest it seems! The last two days have been going ok. I have had appointments and everything. Justice is taking the higher dose of medication and has had an ok couple of days! I really hope that this medication helps him because if it doesn't then I am taking him out!

Today I took Adrianna to her therapy appointment and her therapist gave me a letter to give to the school so hopefully it will get them to test her! We will see how that goes! I am getting so frustrated and hoping that this will start the process again!

Tomorrow morning EDIS is coming out again to finish the evaluation on Kiersten. They are bringing a speech therapist with them! I will have to play with Kayleigh somewhere else so she doesn't do all the answering for Kiersten. I hope that everything works out and honestly hope she doesn't qualify for the program because that would mean that she doesn't have any problems!

I finally made my appointment to see a nephrologist! I go on April 6th. I haven't been to see one since 2005-I really didn't like seeing a German doctor for that! My father in law asked me today if I was nervous about going and I guess I kind of am. I mean I know that my kidneys are not normal and that I have problems. I am just worried that things are worse than I think. I wonder if maybe the reason I feel tired all the time and have all the dizziness and stuff has something to do with my kidneys. I guess time will tell!

I am also so EXCITED! I finally gave in and bought a new camera! I can't wait until it arrives! I got a Canon Digital Rebel XTI 10MP! I am so excited that I can stop using my husbands camera that doesn't like me and start using a good one again! That means I will have a lot more pictures posted on here of the kids-aren't you excited!!!

Well, since I am so tired I guess I will get off here and go to bed! Before I do I want to say thank you to Christina for reminding me about the Vicks on the girls feet! It has helped so much this last week with them! They have a bad cough but they have been able to sleep since I have put it on them! Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad News and Good News

So I will give the bad news first! I just went and got Justice from school! He has had a very bad day and I decided that he was doing so bad I would bring him home for the day. I am thinking maybe his medication may have to be upped a little! When I went up there though I decided that I was going to take Michael's Report Card and have a talk with the Principal about why his teacher never got a hold of me to tell me why all of the sudden my A/B student was getting D's and F's. I showed her the Report Card and and went down to talk to Dr. Pratt. She was gone all last week so I couldn't figure it out at that time. Turns out it was a mistake! The computer system messed up and the teacher was gone all last week including the day that the Report Cards went out so she had no clue that the Report Cards were wrong until today! WOW! I feel so so bad for Michael because that boy was in so so much trouble! We sat him down and lectured him forever about him not working hard and failing 4th grade! Not sure when we will be getting his real grades but just so glad that he is not failing 4th grade!!!

Were Back!!!

We had such a great weekend! It was so good to see Ericka and her family! They live out in the country-and i mean country! Their house is surrounded by fields and cows! They have so much stuff out there-a mud truck, motorcycle, motorized scooter, power wheels, and fourwheelers and rangerover. The kids and guys stayed outside even in the rain! Jon and Tom was a little disappointed because about 10 minutes of riding in the mud truck it broke and is going to cost about $500 to fix but they will probably have it up and running by the next time we are there.

There house is so nice. Ericka's husband built it himself and it is beautiful! Where they live his whole family owns land! They already have to add on though because Elexis was born since they moved in there so they have to make a room for her!

I am adding a slideshow of pictures from the weekend. We had a perfect driving trip on the way down minus the kids fighting all the time. We never again will take them straight from school and put them in the car for a long trip-too much for them! On the way home we left around 10am and thought we would get home around 5 or 6. Well traffic had other plans. We were in several traffic jams but the last one when we were about 98 miles from home was the worst for us ever. We sat there for a little over three hours!!! The most frustrating part about it was it started a little after 5pm and went on so the kids had to wait until 8pm to eat dinner and they were not very happy! Good thing I had a few cookies in the van for them!

Well, I have a lot to do so that is it for now! Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am so so excited! Justice had an awesome day today at school! It is so good to know that the medication is working. I also talked to Adrianna's psychologist and he is not happy! He is going to put together a letter and outsmart the school. If they don't want to help get her tested to see if she has PDD-NOS then he is going to write them a letter that says fine-she has it and tell them that they have to provide her with the services at school! We will see how they like that! Well, that is it for now! I won't be back on until either Monday or Tuesday so have a great weekend everyone!


So yesterday was a much better day than the days before! We had a kind of relaxed day! In the morning EDIS came out and started their evaluation on Kiersten. It wasn't the behavioral pediatricians like I thought. I guess the doctor also put a referral in for EDIS. They have to check and see if she qualifies for their program. Unless her attitude is too bad I don't think that she will but I am not sure. They are coming out again to do a different kind of evaluation and want to bring a speech therapist with them. That kind of shocked me because I thought that she spoke well for her age. When they come back I have to take Kayleigh to a different area because they noticed when they were here yesterday that if Kayleigh is around Kayleigh does all the talking and answering first and then Kiersten will copy her and they want to know what she knows on her own. I guess that is one of the reasons that they don't let twins in the same classroom. I never noticed that Kayleigh did that and I guess I thought that Kiersten was the dominant one but I was wrong!

Justice started his medicine yesterday! He had an up and down day at school but the teacher said he was much better than he had been. I also noticed in the afternoon when he got angry at me he just said he was made and walked into the other room. Usually when he gets mad at me he screams and runs upstairs! We will see how it goes today. His meds may need to go up one dose but I wouldn't think that it would need to go up any more than that!

Today I have to start packing for our trip to Florida this weekend! I can't wait to see Ericka again! I also can't wait to meet my nephew and niece that I haven't met yet! Ericka has four kids-two older boys and then two younger ones. She also can't wait to meet Justice and the twins! I really hope that it is a great trip and a safe ride down there and back!

Well, the girls are a little cranky so I need to go and try to make them happy! I think it will be an early nap day! Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Again today

So today was just as crazy as yesterday! Started off with a late start-never good when you have to get five kids ready! When we were ready to walk out the door I realized that the stroller was still in the van so I had to walk with the girls holding my hands which is always fun because they don't like to. We got the kids to school though and then Justice to his appointment. They accidently double booked the doctor so we had to wait awhile! Of course Justice is ADHD! The doctor said at one point that we were only in the room for 15 minutes and she was already tired! I was thinking-imagine how the teacher feels! She put him on Concerta and I am hoping that the low dose will help. He starts that medication tomorrow. The good thing is if he has any side effects we just stop the medicine and it will be out of his system by the next day. Also, if we don't want to give it to him on weekends, holidays, or vacations we don't have too! We just give it to him on the days we feel he will need it.

Today was also report card day. Justice did great with his grades, Adrianna did great for her. She is still not at grade level but is doing great for her. MICHAEL-was a complete shock. He went from 3 A's and 3 B's last quarter to 1A, 1B, 1C, 2D's and an F!!! I was in complete shock. I have never heard anything about him doing bad in school and he usually is the one that we don't have to worry about. I marked on his envelope that I want a conference so I can see and hear what is going on and figure out what he and we need to do to help raise his grades!

I had my second day of working out at Curves tonight! I am so excited about this! I think it is the best thing I have spent my money on in awhile! I am determined to get this weight down before summer is here and then keep going! I also am determined to not buy any new clothes until I can go down some sizes! I really need some new clothes to so I better hurry up! I also wanted to add on here for everyone to please pray for my sister! She is in the hospital and has been since Sunday. She has strep throat and a kidney infection they found out today. She is in a lot of pain and is not eating so she is really losing weight and not the good way!

Well, I am off of here! I have to get my devotions done and go to bed-I am exhausted! Have a great night everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2009

This past weekend and today

Well, I will say that the weekend started off good. Friday night Justice stayed the night at Lanna's and he had a blast. We had a movie night with the kids and watched Kung Fu Panda while eating popcorn. It was a great night! Saturday morning Jon took Adrianna on her special day and brought her back just in time for me to take her to her Princess Tea where she had a lot of fun! She got to try all kinds of sandwiches and she LOVES tea so that made it the best time! I think she drank 6 glasses of tea. Her favorite part was getting to keep the beautiful saucer and tea cup! She put it will all my glass stuff so it wouldn't get broke!

Saturday night we went to Lanna's and stayed. We spent it playing poker and visiting with her and some of her friends! We always have fun over there! It was jsut a neat time all around! Sunday started off good. We got up and had a great breakfast and headed to church. It was a great service and then we got the kids! Things started off good while leaving the church and heading home but about half way home I looked back at Kiersten and she was starring and her face was really red. I touched her and she was hot so Jon pulled into the Family Dollar parking lot and I went in and got a thermometer. Her temp was 103 so Jon turned around and dropped Kiersten and I off at the ER. We were in the waiting room from 3pm until 9:40pm when they finally called us back. Of course-as usual there is no found reason why she had the fever. We are still keeping the Motrin and Tylenol in her. We got home and got the kids in bed around midnight and I went and crashed!

Today has been awful! Well, maybe not awful but hasn't gone as planned. I did get most of the downstairs cleaned but the kitchen still needs to be done! I got Adrianna to her appointment and that went well even though I had to bring the twins with us! They did very well! Jon ended up having to stay at work late which messed some things up! We had to make a last minute call to a friend to have her get the boys from school! I went and got them when we got back but I planned on going to Curves at 4 and didn't make it on time! Once Jon got home around 5:45pm we piled in the van and he dropped me off at Curves, drove Adrianna to church then came back to get me, I dropped them all off at home and went and got Adrianna and now I am sitting here. I am sore but not from the workout. I forgot to mention the fact that just before we left I dropped my purse that had a sprite in it and that exploded and I also fell all the way down the stairs-not something you want to do just before you go and work out!

Well, tomorrow is another appointment day! Justice has his appointment for the ADHD evaluation! I just hope that it goes well! I just want him to do better in school and feel good about himself! Well, I am off of here and going to bed! I guess I will have to figure out the end of the Bachelor tomorrow because I am not staying up until 11pm tonight! Have a great night everyone!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Last Few Days

Wow-I am telling you we have had an interesting last few days. The problems with Justice and school are getting worse. He is so angery when he can't get a purple cat which starts making him act out more. We sat him down and talked to him and he said he gets nervous at school and just wants me! We are going to start giving him a picture of us to keep at the school with him. He has his doctor appointment on Tuesday and we will go from there but we may end up pulling him out and homeschooling him to see if that makes a difference. I talked to the Principal yesterday and she told me that they are planning on hiring another teacher for Kindergarten and maybe that will make a difference too because I know part of the problem is there are so many kids in the class (29 now-one of the kids just moved). Last year he did fine and the only difference is that there were only 18 kids in the class!

Today I have my small group with the girls and then my own doctor appointment. I really hope I can figure out why I feel so bad all the time! I am always so tired and sometimes feel like I am going to pass out. Also my memory is not what it used to be---it could be just that I am getting old! I am just going to ask them to run some tests and make sure that everything is ok!

Yay-we got our tax return back today! That means that Curves-here I come! I am determined to get this weight off of me before summer so I can go to the beach! I am so excited about this. The neighborhood centers gym just wasn't cutting it. I need a certain routine and I know in the past that Curves worked and pretty quick so I am looking forward to it!

Ok-I think that is it for now! Gotta go and get the girls ready for our day! Have a great one everybody!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today is going pretty good. I got a call at 6am saying that because of the snow the kids had a two hour delay so that means I got to sleep in a little this morning. I am going to be hard at work today. There is laundry to be done and I have to clean up the kitchen! I didn't get to the dishes last night because I was so tired so now I have to do them today-aggghhh!

The girls are upstairs but are refusing to take a nap again. I am going to go and get them in a few minutes and feed them lunch and then make them take a nap this afternoon. I am hoping that Justice does well at school today. Yesterday he had a very bad day. I did end up calling the doctors office and he has an appointment next week to be evaluated for ADHD. I already know he has it but I guess for the schools sake I should get something in writing so they know. He is now going to be going on a behavioral plan in the class. Not sure exactly what that means but I will wait to find out. The girls and I will be going up there one day a week and spending some time in the classroom. The girls are going to have so much fun doing that and Justice will love to show us everything.

I left a message for Adrianna's psychologist yesterday and of course he called when I wasn't home. I want to know what he wants me to do about this whole TEACCH dilemma! It is making me very upset that we can't seem to get anything done!

Alright-well I better get off of here and start the dishes so I can get the girls some lunch! Hope that everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time will tell

So I am still fighting between the school and the TEACCH program about Adrianna. The TEACCH program says I have to go through the school and the school says they won't do it because they are not the ones that referred her in the first place! I am going to stop by the psychologist office today when I take Adrianna to her therapy appointment and see if I can leave a message for her psychologist to get a hold of me!

Yesterday was an ok day! I wasn't feeling the greatest but I managed to get what I had to done! Adrianna had a friend come over after school so she liked that. Last night Adrianna started the American Heritage Girls and Michael started Cub Scouts! Both of them loved it! The American Heritage Girls is kind of like Girl Scouts but with a Christian spin to it (minus the yummy cookies)! This Saturday they are having a Tea Party and Adrianna gets to dress up like a Princess and she is so excited about it! Michael is looking forward to all the camping trips and things like that. He is finally happy that he gets to go because he has been bugging to do this for years!

Today I am going to try to relax a little. I can't get over being tired for some reason! I hope that you all have a great day! I am going to go and play with the girls now!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Letter N

So Jody was playing the letter/alphabet game and I decided to join in and she gave me the letter N! SO if you want to play let me know and I will give you a letter too! You get a letter and then list your top ten favorite things of that letter! So here are my top 10 N's!!!

1. The Nelson family. I love my inlaws. I don't know what I would do without a single one of them! They are all some awesome people!!! Here is a picture of them that was taken a few years ago-there are alot more babies now!!!
Nelson Family

2. North Carolina---We love living here! It is a beautiful state and we hope to stay here for a VERY long time!

3. New house! This is the most beautiful place we have ever lived in. Even though we don't own it and never will we love it!

4. Nephews! I love all my nephews: Christian, Connor, Thomas, Jordan, Justin, Alex, Jackson, Zac, Kaedon, Eleazar, Miguel, Austin and the newest Isaac! They are all some awesome little boys!

5. Had to know this one was coming---Nieces! My neices are some cool, beautiful little girls: Karyssa, Kimmi, Katie, Becca, JoAnn, Brianna, Julianna, Izzy, Akierra, Kayla, Kassandra, Brenda, Emily, and Alexes!

6. Nick-he is my brother. I just seen him for the first time in a long time at Christmas. He is very special because he is mentally retarded for lack of a better word but he is the sweetest person I have ever met. He doesn't understand much but he will do anything that he can for you!

7. Neighbors. While I don't like some of my neighbors I don't know what I would do without the rest of them! They have helped us with a lot of things since we have lived here and it is great to have them!

8. Nighttime! LOL--this is when I can sleep or at least try to so I can have energy for the day! Believe me I need all the rest I can get!!!

9. Nails----before you say-WHAT??? Without nails I couldn't hang up my beautiful pictures! I have to have nails to do that!

10. Finally Nature! I love looking at all the beautiful things that God has made for us to enjoy!

So come on everyone! Ask for a letter so you can list all the things that you like! Have a great day!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some great days

First off for Christmas Justice got a Bible-he asked for one and was very excited when he got it-especially since the cover is camoflauged! Well, every night he asks me to read the Bible to him before bed and I do. Friday night he said he wanted to be a Christian and ask ask Jesus into his heart. Jon came up and we talked to him and he ended up praying and asking Jesus into his heart and to forgive him his sins. When he was done he was like-yay-now I can get purple cats. We laughed-then Jon told him-now you are a Christian and he said-NICE!!! He is so so funny! So then the next day he keep talking to the babies and kept telling them that they needed to pray and ask Jesus into their hearts so we can have the whole family be Christians!

Last night we had some friends over and we ate a great dinner that Jon made and then played poker while the kids all played (nine kids here in all). I didn't win of course, never do, but it was so fun to have people to our house for fun. Tonight for the super bowl our friend Lanna is here and we are having good food again and watching the Super Bowl. I have been excited just to see the commercials but they are not impressing me so far-we will see by games end if I like any of them! Ok-off of here to have some more fun! Have a great night everyone!