Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life is crazy

Again I am slacking on the posts! Things have been crazy here! I have not been feeling well for awhile and not sure why. If it keeps up I am going to probably make me an appointment with the doctor but you all know how much time I have on my hands for that.

This last week was an ok one. Adrianna had her appointment with her psychologist and he went over her testing she had done with me. He said he went over it more than once and he really thinks-especially after the testing-that she has Aspergers Syndrome. For those that don't know what that is-it is a high functioning type of autism. I have two more papers to fill out and give to him and that will make his final decision but he thinks everything that he found out in the testing and the things that we knew from before all point to Aspergers. The crazy thing is we were not surprised. Before we moved from Germany a guy that Jon knows told Jon that he thought Adrianna had Aspergers. He has a son with it and Adrianna showed the same signs that his son did at her age. It will be a long road ahead of us but it is sooo good to finally have a diagnosis and to know how to go about teaching her things and helping her work through all of her problems.

On Friday my Fun Friday group came out to Linden Oaks since I haven't been able to go in awhile! We went to the neighborhood pool andhad so much fun. We were there 4 hours and I am pretty toasted! I am still not used to this NC sun but I am slowly learning it takes a very short time here before you burn. The kids all had sunblock on but Kayleigh ended up looking pretty bad-not because of the sun but we later found out we think it is from the chemicals in the pool. She has always had problems with her skin and this is the second time we have gone to the pool and the second time she has had this reaction with her skin. I guess next time we go I will give her a bath immediately after and see if that helps!

This has been a pretty good weekend. As soon as I get off of here I am going to make sure this house is sparkling clean because I won't have time to do much this week with VBS and then Friday I leave for Ericka's house! I think I may start rearranging the front room as well getting ready for school! We start on July 20th and all of us are looking forward to it. I hope that everyone has had a great week and that all the fathers out there have had a great Fathers day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer life

Kids are out of school and are so excited about that! It has been interesting getting used to having 8 kids in the house all day long. Michael especially likes having Shae here though. At least they all get along most of the time really well. Today is a dreary day though. It looks like it could rain at any time. Doesn't look promising to be able to go to the park today.

I have been really busy buying the curriculum for the school year. I have most of it all bought and can't wait for it to get here so I can start going over it all. The kids are getting all excited about it as well! I just need to get some school desks and things like that and we will be all set!

Can't wait for VBS next week. I am helping with it and it looks like it is going to be so much fun. The kids will be excited because they have Chatter at this one just like when we were in Germany. I even already bought the CD with the music and the kids are learning the songs already. Now just trying to figure out how I am going to get all 8 kids there!

The weekend after VBS we will be heading to Florida for my neices 1st birthday! I can't wait to go there and see them again even though they were just here. Other than that there really isn't anything new. I have been slow with the posts because it has been so busy. We did go camping this last weekend and had a lot of fun minus all of us getting eaten up and Jon getting poison ivy! Oh yeah-please be praying for Justice. He has been having trouble going pee and also has started peeing his pants which he hasn't done since he was 2. I ended up in the ER with him all day Sunday (well all day after church because it was after church that he mentioned that it hurt when he peed) and they have no answers except they think it may have to do with me stopping the Concerta he was taking for ADHD. It is supposed to be the type of medicine that you don't have to take everyday if you don't want to. Well, if it is the medicine then I definitely will not be giving that to him again!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So my last post

You sure can't tell that I copy and pasted that from somewhere else! Sorry for the repeat of some of the information! I was being lazy and didn't want to retype for other websites!

Our New Decision

I just thought I would get on here and let you all know a few things. Things are going pretty good here. My sister, Ericka, and her family were just here this past weekend and we had so much fun. Jon and Tom even got to work on Jon's Jeep and got all the electrical work done on it which is great so hopefully that can be up and running soon and we will have two vehicles instead of just one. Two vehicles would definitely make life a little easier.

Jon is in the field this week until Thursday. It isn't a very long field problem-it is just a matter of getting used to having him gone again since he hasn't left in almost a year. He will be done with school next month but then I guess there will be another three week thing he will have to do before actually being in a unit. He is not looking forward to that. It looks like he will not deploy until 6-9 months after he finishes school so that would be nice. We are definitely praying that if this is the case that he will be able to make our Disney Trip in September. We are so looking forward to that trip and it would be so nice if Jon could go with us. I even, after this next check, will have all the souviniers bought so that is a good feeling.

This week is the kids last week in school. Justice's class took a trip to our neighborhood pool all day yesterday and he had so much fun-not to mention that I didn't have to fight him to go to bed last night. Michael has been having a lot of issues with bullies this year and is really not enjoying school so he is ready to be done with it. This brings me to the next point. Please be praying for us because we are very seriously considering homeschooling this next year. I say seriously but I am pretty sure, after talking to Shari last night, that our decision is made and we will be doing it. Jon told me about a week ago that he really wants us to and after yesterday and talking to Michael's teacher I have come to the realization that I think we should as well. Shari is going to send me some stuff so I can "practice" and see if we can do it and we will go from there. I probably will start them in July like Shari is that way we can kind of be on the same page with some things if I have any questions. I just wish that the next few days would go by faster so I can let Jon know that I finally think we can do it. I also think that we will turn our front room into the school room. It is only used for the kids watching tv and has a futon in there for when we have guests so it would be the perfect room to change and make room for a school room. This way they will have no distractions and we will have a certain place to actually do school each day!

So that is the news from us! I will let you all know how it is going when we start it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sorry-been a little crazy!

So it has been crazy busy around here! We have been having lots of fun! My sister Ericka and her family came this weekend and just left this morning. It was so much fun spending time with them but we were doing so much that I forgot to take any pictures so I am going to have to take some when we go to Florida in a couple weeks for my neices 1st birthday party.

Jon also left this morning for the field. He will be back on Thursday. I know it isn't that long but this is the first time that he has gone since he started school so it will be the first time we are without him here and it makes me a little nervous but I am sure we can do it!

Friday will be our 10 year anniversary! I am so excited. We will be spending it camping with the kids. Adrianna has her American Heritage Girls Campout this weekend so we will be doing that!

Things are going well besides all this! Adrianna is going to be upset because I can't find her library book and they were due today. Hope everyone has had a great time lately!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our fun camping weekend

So we did have so much fun camping. The kids did very well minus a few of Adrianna's meltdowns but we are good. I am going to be busy today getting this house clean again. It always gets so messy right after a trip. It will take awhile because Daisy also has a vet appointment and then Adrianna has her end of year party for AHG tonight but I am going to be working at it until then!

I haven't had a chance to load the pictures on here at the moment but I am sure I have a few good ones to post when I do get to it! Right now I am wondering why Kayleigh and Kiersten keep fighting with eachother this morning. I heard of sibling rivalry but this morning is ridiculous! They each have two wood puzzles that are new and they are fighting over the same ones which is driving me crazy but then they start hitting and agghhhh---you get the picture!

Well, I am off to start the day. Hope that everyone had a great weekend and I will update soon with the pictures!