Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not much time but wanted to update!

So Adrianna's test results all came back normal and the doctor thinks the swollen lymphnodes were from the mosquito bite on the back of her head! If they get any bigger I am to take her back in. Kiersten I think has an ear infection but of course there were no appointments at the clinic so I couldn't get her in. She keeps complaining but I am going to try stuff at home to make it better!

Adrianna had her 8 year pictures taken today. As always she did great! She loves the camera which is why I wished that Jody or Joy lived close by but the lady that does them here is great too and the kids love her! I am attaching a slide show of those pictures at the end. She also had her birthday party today and that went great. Almost everyone that we invited came minus a couple of friends that are really sick right now! She got so much nice stuff. Her room looks so different with all her tinker bell wall stickers and her new bookshelf we got her to put all her snowglobes and pretty things on. She also got a new rug but we haven't put that in her room yet! It is one that should take up most of her floor. I will add pictures from the party later after I get them on the computer!

Yesterday was interesting to say the least! We managed to go through a tornado without anyone in the neighborhood getting hurt but there is quite a bit of damage. We lost the part of our fence that is a privacy fence as did a lot of our neighbors. Jon had to go around the neighborhood to find pieces of it to put at least the bottom half back together so we could left Daisy outside without her running away. The neighbors across the street has a broken window and there are lots of building with missing siding. Most of the trampolines in the neighborhood are very damaged, including on that went from the backyard to the frontyard and into a window of a vehicle. That trampoline is now completely in pieces! We are just praising God that no one was hurt in all of this. Not sure I can say the same thing about the girls little play gym with slide. That thing is so hard to take apart but it ended up in pieces when it flew from the backyard into the road but I am still hoping we can get it back in one piece!

Tomorrow Justice gets baptized. I am so excited for him to take this next step of faith! He loves God so much and is not afraid to tell anyone! I just wish more people in this world had faith like him! They are supposed to take a picture for us and hopefully our friend shows up so she can take pictures too!

And then there is Monday! Our first day of school! I am getting more and more excited about teaching the kids and just wish that day would get here! Well, good night everyone and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Updates and fun

So I did get Adrianna into the AMIC clinic and they scared me to death. It turns out it is two very large and swollen lymphnodes. The doctor ordered bloodwork and wanted a CT Scan done. He was worried for many reasons but the CT Scan wouldn't get done until the next day. The next morning I went to the clinic and told them I didn't have an appointment but wanted to see her pediatrician. Dr. Olson agreed and told me there was no need for the CT Scan. It would only be to check for abcesses and she was sure Adrianna didn't have any. The bloodwork that came back did show that she didn't have cancer and that was the biggest concern so I am greatful to God for that. The doctor was very upset about how things were handled the night before. She also did more bloodwork, a chest xray and gave her antibiotics. We are not just waiting for the results from all the tests but I am not as worried as I was before we found out it wasn't cancer!

So Friday I took the kids to this place called Splash Pad. It is this place at a park where water comes up from the ground and out of tubes and the kids run around and play in it. They all had so much fun. It was nice to have a day out with the kids. Today we went to the library and I was disappointed because they didn't have any of the books that I need for the first two weeks of school. They are just books to further learn about the subjects we will be studying but it would be nice to have. I am going to try a few more things but we will have to wait and see!

So I am adding a slide show again with pictures from the 4th and from Splash Pad. Jon is still in the field and can't have his phone so I haven't heard from him. Kiersten keeps saying "daddy is in the field eating cookies". We made him cookies before he left to take with him and now Kiersten thinks that the only thing that Daddy does in the field is eat cookies! I can't wait to tell Jon. Anyway, I better get to other things. Hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Man to catch up once again

I am getting so bad at blogging! Sorry everyone-I promise to try to get better. Things have been crazy here as usual. I think I posted last time that Kiersten, Kayleigh and Justice all got pink eye and Kiersten was running fevers. Guess what-Kayleigh and Justice got rid of the pink eye but Kiersten still has that and the fevers so I have put a call in to her doctor yesterday and hoping to get a call back soon. I decided to try to let the fever go this time without an appointment but when it has been going on for 11 days I think it is probably time to do something besides Motrin and Tylenol. Oh yeah-maybe I should mention-I also woke up with pink eye this morning-fun times!

Jon left for the field today. He will be gone until the 17th. After this he will graduate. There is a chance he will have to leave right after that for 60 days somewhere but I am really praying he doesn't because then he will for sure miss our Disney trip. The only thing that might stop him from going is the fact they want him to have a passport and something else and he has neither. It has been a very long year for him so please keep him in your prayers as he finishes this up. All the stress has gotten to him a lot lately and I am hoping that he will feel less stressed when school is over with.

To add to everything, because you know things just can't be normal in our house, Adrianna came down last night and told us that her neck hurt. When we looked at it we noticed that where she was saying it hurt there were two lumps. Not sure what it is all about but of course the clinic has no appointments today so I am waiting to see if I can get her in to the AMEC clinic-can't call until 3pm though. I just hope it is from some kind of virus or something and nothing that is serious. I always worry too much and didn't get much sleep last night because I was thinking about it the whole time.

These kids are growing so fast it amazes me. Kayleigh and Kiersten talk so much now. Kiersten is so cute because she comes up to Jon and I and is always saying-You are my favorite mommy or daddy and her voice is so cute. This morning I told her she was such a big girl because she got herself dressed and she got a huge smile on her face, gave me a big hug and said-thank you mommy! Kayleigh is always right there to follow-copying every word. Of course I was taking a shower this morning and when I was rinsing my hair I had my eyes closed-when I was done I looked down and there was Kayleigh undressed and standing in the tub in front of me with a big smile on her face. She said she wanted to take a shower too but I find it so funny how she snuck in so quietly!

Adrianna is getting so excited about starting school. She keeps asking everyday if we can start now instead of the 20th. I keep telling her no-we have to wait-especially since I am still waiting for their school supplies to get here. That is so frustrating but supposedly they have shipped now. I just hope that she is able to do well with me teaching her. I know it isn't always going to be easy but I am very excited about it. I still have a few things that I have to buy but we are almost all set with everything.

The boys are the boys. They are actually enjoying the time they have been spending together this summer and have not yet killed one another. I don't think they have been arguing as much as they were the last few months and that is so nice. Now if I could get them to continue to keep their room clean it would be great. Justice thought he was going to be so good and clean their room all by himself without being asked the other day and I was like-awesome job. Then I figured out where all the stuff ended up-under the bed, in the closets but it was so funny because he thought he worked so hard on it----so hard at hiding it that is!!!

Ok-so I think that is enough for now! I have some stuff to get done before I take the kids up to the school for lunch! Hope everyone is doing great!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The last week or so

So this last bit of time has been ok I guess! VBS was awesome. I love seeing all those kids having so much fun and learning about God. I have never volunteered for VBS with such a large church before but it was great. There were almost 500 kids there and 109 asked Jesus into their hearts-amazing-God is so good!

Of course Wednesday was a crazy one (the week of VBS that is). I really was not feeling good and then around 2:15am I started feeling pressure on my face and got really dizzy-feeling like I was going to pass out. I also started feeling like someone was sitting on my chest which was making it hard to breath. As soon as Jon got home I went to the ER where I sat untl 3am. Of course they did all kinds of tests and all they could come up with was that I had vertigo. Not sure if that is it or not but oh well. I am still feeling sick to my stomach all the time and dizzy sometimes but I figure if they couldn't figure it out in the nine hours that I was in the ER then I will just deal with it because I don't have much confidence in the doctors figuring me out! And did I mention that I got home at 3am and then had to get up at 6am for another day of VBS???

Friday we left for my sisters house in Florida! We had so much fun visiting them. We were able to stay until Wednesday since Jon had to stay home. It was a great trip minus the colds and pink eye that we came home with. Kiersten also has been running fevers since Sunday morning. I have just been keeping the Motrin and Tylenol in her. I figure it is from the cold that she has and there is no point in sitting in the ER for hours for them to tell us that it is a virus and they will do nothing for her. Please just be praying that is all it is!

Ok-I am off of here to watch a movie with Jon now! I hope that everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!