Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wow-I can't get over how long it has been!

So, I got on this morning and thought about my blog! I can't believe it was last November when I posted anything! How crazy is that? Needless to say lots have happened since then! Jon deployed last January to Iraq and returned safely home! Of course he will be deploying again soon which I am not looking forward to! He went to the E6 board and passed so hopefully he will be promoted to SSG very soon!

Michael is now 11 years old! I am not sure where the time goes! He is in 6th grade and is such a wonderful, caring boy! He is loving Boy Scouts still and really likes the campouts! He just went to his 11 year check up and is 4ft 5 1/2 inches tall and 63.8lbs which is only 10% for both and he is not very happy with that! I am sure that he will grow very soon!

Adrianna is doing ok! She is now 9 years old and in 4th grade! She just started a new medication last night to try to help her with her anger that goes along with her aspergers! She is really wanting to get that under control and I am so proud of her for how far she has come! She has a new friend that moved in next door and spends lots of time with her! She is also doing great at school except for Spelling which she has always struggled with! She is now an Explorer in American Heritage Girls and loves being involved in that!

Justice-wow-that boy tires me out on a daily basis! We have FINALLY got him enrolled in Gymnastics! He is really enjoying that and goes on Wednesday afternoons! He does an amazing job with it and it helps get some of that never ending energy out! He is such a smart little boy and is doing 3rd grade work in the 2nd grade and is 7 years old! He has such a love for God and enjoys just sitting and reading the Bible at night and still telling everyone that he meets that God loves them! I love this boy!

Kayleigh-my little mini-me! That girl is sooo sweet! She just turned 4 years old and is doing pre-school! Just today she came crying because she wanted to do school and we are on a three week break! We went to her check up and she is 39 inches (48%) and 35lbs (55%). We are taking her to audiology to have her hearing checked! I thought maybe that she had wax blocking her hearing but the doctor said everything is clear in her ears so we need to check and make sure there is not a problem! I am just hoping for selective hearing but we will see on October 28th when she goes in!

Kiersten still amazes me every day! She has come a LONG way from that little baby that was so sick and had to have heart surgery 4 years ago! The girl is 42 inches (92% and three inches taller than her 1 minute older twin) and 35.2lbs (60%). She is also liking school but has more struggles than Kayleigh! We are on a 3-6 month waiting list for her to get in and see developmental peds for her fine motor skills! I have suspected that she has had a problem with this for awhile but when we had to test her for what she should be doing at this age she totally failed the fine motor skills part! I hate having to wait this long but I guess the waiting list off post is 8 months so we will just pray for an earlier time! She is also being referred to speech to check some different things she has trouble with there! Dispite all that she has made great strides and it has been almost 2 years since her last seizure so we are hoping that she has outgrown them!

I have been doing pretty good! Always tired with all the things that we have had going on all the time! We just keep moving and going and at night I am ready for bed! Jon and I are going to Myrtle Beach this weekend for a marriage retreat! Shari and Eric are keeping the kids for us so it will be a nice relaxing, FREE trip paid for by the military! It is like the honeymoon that we never had! I feel so blessed to have the family that I do and enjoy every minute we get to spend together!

Ok-so that is the update that was very long in coming! I am really hoping to be keep up with this more and sorry it has been so long!