Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend in Review

So we had a pretty good weekend dispite the weather! Everyone knows how I hate tornado's and I get teased a lot about my weather machine but I am so glad I have one! It seems like here in NC the storms like to happen at night and on Friday we had tornado's not far from here. We had a movie night with the kids on Friday night! We watched Beverly Hills Chahuahua. The kids really liked the movie. I didn't like that we had to wait until 9pm to start the movie because Jon took Justice and Kayleigh on their special day and didn't get back until then but that is life. That means the kids were up until 11pm but Jon said-don't worry that just means they will sleep in tomorrow! Yeah right-my kids sleep in-I don't think they have it in them!

Saturday was another stormy, rainy day. We did manage to get in a good morning though without the rain which was perfect for our plans! We took the kids to the Art Museum because Adrianna needed to go there for her American Heritage Girls. We had fun looking at the very small museum-perfect size for my kids though. Afterwards we went outside and the kids did a craft. They had a lot of fun picking out their sticks and making it. When the crafts were done we fed the ducks. The museum has a Duck Pond on the property so it was fun to do that. Kayleigh kept throwing the bread at the ducks when their heads were turned. The twins were not too fond of the Geese though-they were too big for them I think! I think I got some good pictures but they are not on my computer yet. As soon as we got done feeding the ducks we got to the van and when the doors closed it literally started pooring! I looked at Jon and said-we couldn't of planned that more perfect!

From then we went home and gave the girls their naps and as soon as they woke up we went to Bud and Kristen's for our weekend dinner and poker night. We had a bar-b-que dispite the weather! It was really good. I have to say I didn't win this week but Jon did so I guess that was good.

Sunday was pretty good. We went to church and then out to eat at a Chinese Buffett! It was pretty good but I have to say challenging. Now that the girls are potty training it is not very easy to get a meal in when you have to take them to the bathroom so many times. Not to mention the mess they made with the ice cream but it was fun none the less! When we went home we had a relaxing day watching TV and then in the evening we took the kids out back to play It is fun to play games as a family. While out there we met our new neighbor. Her husband and kids are not here yet (she is the one in the military). Guess what though--------she has 4 yr old twin girls!!! I may help her out and babysit for her when the girls get here-the girls get here in two weeks and then her son who is 7 comes in June when he gets out of school!

Anyway, I made a dentist appointment for Justice tomorrow morning. Friday he showed us his gums and it looked like something was eating a way at them. I think it may be his medication because he has trouble swallowing his pills and holds it in his mouth. The reason that I think this is because he didn't have his medication this weekend and it is getting better but we will make sure of that tomorrow morning! I also am going to set up some appointments for the other kids as well when I am there tomorrow! They all could use a cleaning!

Well, that is all for now! Hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend and I will update more soon!

Friday, March 27, 2009

What a week!

Sorry I haven't been on to post. I have been so busy this past week and seems like I just haven't stopped! Justice had his first therapy appointment this week and she told him some different things that she wants to try to make sure that he does better in school. I am hoping that it helps him but we will see. The therapist seems really nice though.

Let em say I am fed up with a teacher at the kids school and I don't even know her name. Going to cut it down a little to save on time but last Friday Jon went to get the kids from school and Michael forgot his book-this teacher wouldn't let him go get it-said he couldn't go by himself so he went and got Jon (let me just say that when any of my kids forget things I go in with no problem). When Jon walked up to the door this teacher said that she told Michael that she would take him in a few minutes which we knew was a lie because he wouldn't of went back to Jon. Then she wouldn't let Jon in. Justice dropped a lolly pop and she picked it up and said oh who lost this. He said him and she started holding it up like he was lying and wouldn't give it to him. She kept going higher and higher in the air but Justice finally jumped and got it from her. Needless to say Jon took the kids from the school without getting Michael's book. Then yesterday Michael forgot his book again and he was following his teacher into the school and I was a little behind-since I had the other four kids. This same teacher asked Michael with a really snotty attitude where he thought he was going. He said he forgot his book and she said-again-this is becoming an every other day thing (mind you still with the snotty attitude). I turned and said-as long as he remembers it before we get home he is fine. I wanted to say a lot more and next time she opens her mouth I am going to. When we mentioned that we wanted a meeting to the Principal because of this teacher she said-she has an open door policy but she can't garantee that we are going to like what she has to say. Jon has decided that he is going to fill out an ICE card. It is a comment card that is for all military things and goes high up-to the General if there are problems. My thought is if this lady doesn't like her job she needs to find a new one. We are going to take this farther and she better hope that she doesn't open her mouth again to my kids!

Last night I went to a Tupperware party. I think I may do a party but I don't know a lot of people here. It was nice to meet some of my neighbors. I hope I can meet more around here that are nice!

Well, yesterday Kiersten woke me up at 4:30am. I heard an awful noise but she wasn't on her bed so I thought maybe she was having a seizure and ran to her room. She was laying on the floor on her back and was getting sick-choking because she wasn't rolling over. She was also running a high fever so I woke up Jon and told him that I was taking her to the ER. I got there a little after 5 and stayed until 7:30am. I ended up calling the clinic and got her an appointment there instead. When I left there were still people sitting there that had been there since 11pm and they had very sick kids so I knew the ER would take forever. When I took her to the doctor they said she had the bad cold that was going around that was causing fevers and she probably would have a fever for around 3 days and because she did a urine sample we found out she is very dehydrated. We are just praying we can get her hydrated and that the fevers do not cause her to have any seizures. She seems to be doing better today so that is a good sign although she didn't wet the bed last night and I think that is more from the dehydration then from her being potty trained. And now-Michael has the low grade fever-we will see where that goes.

Jon took his test today for Thai-the last one. He was supposed to do it on Wednesday but that didn't work because the building had a gas leak in it. Jon thinks he did pretty good so we just have to wait until next week to get the results. I can't wait until he is done with this part of his schooling and am still praying that the last part goes well!

Ok-I think that is it for now! Hope that everyone has a great weekend and stays healthy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our weekend!

So we had a pretty good weekend! We had friends over Friday and had our first bar-b-que of the season (at home anyway). I LOVE bar-b-que and it was so fun. We had our poker night that night instead of Saturday and I finally won! I was so excited. Saturday we had Krispy Kremes for breakfast-so good! We had such beautiful weather we just hung out at home and played outside with the kids. We have the backyard totally cleaned from any old leaves or pinecones (there were so may pinecones). We also bar-b-qued again on Saturday-I love this weather!

Sunday we got up and went to church and then back to that restaurant I told you about were kids eat free on Sundays. We are praying they keep that up. They are thinking about stopping it because someone brought in a whole daycare I guess so they are thinking about not doing it anymore or making it one kid per adult and that wouldn't help us much. We came home and did a few things and then took the kids to a park and played for a little while. After that it was home and the girls got their special treat for not having any accidents. We even took them to church in underwear and had no accidents-looks like the potty training is looking up! Now if we can get them to not have accidents when they are sleeping we could say goodbye to pull ups!

Right now I am just sitting here watching the girls watch Little Einsteins. They really like this show and get into it. The other kids would just sit and watch shows like this when they were little but these two actually do what the characters tell them to-it is so cute! Well, I guess I should start getting some stuff done around here! There is a lot to do today! Hope that everyone has a great day!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Took Justice for 6 yr pictures!

So I took Justice today to get his 6 year pictures done. Before we left I told him that he could pick out anything that he wanted to take and have in his pictures (crossing my fingers it wasn't anything ugly or too big). So he picked his new remote control car, his two webkinz and his Bible! How many kids pick there Bible for pictures. Did I not say that I think he is going to do some great work for God when he gets bigger-he keeps adding to my belief of that!

The girl that took his pictures is awesome. She took our family pictures and I asked her at that time if she would always do the pictures when I come in there and she agreed! She really gets the smiles from the kids and she just LOVES Justice. I think she did a great job with him. Justice picked the backgrounds and I think that he did an awesome job. I just wanted to share them with you all.

Jody-the photographer and I was also talking about props-I told her about when Justice was 9 months he was so upset in his pictures that finally I went to the waiting room where they had a card board box with some toys in it. I emptied the box and brought it back to the room and took his pictures in it and those were my favorite from that time. She told me that her favorite prop that any parent had every brought in was a roll of toliet paper. She had some small boys and they did a bathroom theme and wrapped the toliet paper all around them and it was so cute. I thought it was such a cute idea I would pass it on to you since you are such a great photographer thought you might like it to when you take pictures of little ones!

Well, I am off to relax-enjoy the pictures! Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Some answers but now more confused!

So after fighting with the insurance company all day yesterday and this morning and still getting no where-they told me that they will not cover that type of testing with that code-not sure what it all ment but they said they told the place that is doing the testing on Adrianna that and they were supposed to call me but when I asked them they said they never called them. I called Mason and Associates and told them that and they put the psychiatrist on the phone to talk to me. He told me that he is just as frustrated but weither he got paid or not he would go ahead and do the testing today. She was more important than the money to him and that just made me cry. He is an awesome doctor that really cares about his patients. Well, we will know more in a little over two weeks when all the tests are done but he doesn't think she has any form of autism. There is one test that showed she has a high probability of it but he wants to look at everything more closely. He does however think she may be bi-polar a little but he doesn't want to judge right now. He also thinks that she does have an anxiety disorder and emotional issues. But here is the real shocker! She is considered to have superior intellegence. Her IQ on this test is 111. He said the test he did with her is harder to get a higher IQ but she did so on other tests her IQ would even be higher. So now she says she is smarter than Michael-but I told her that Michael has never been tested so she doesn't even know that! Just wanted to say thanks for the prayers and please keep praying that they do get this diagnosis correct and can help her! Alright-have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who would of thought!

So I know that this may be a silly thing to post a bulletin about but some of you may have a budding little artist just like me (mine is Kayleigh) and may not have known this. So as I said-Kayleigh is my little artist but instead of keeping her art on paper so LOVES to color on the walls. I get so upset with the older kids if they leave any kind of anything that can be used for writing out because Kayleigh WILL find it and start on my walls. She completely covered the upstairs hallway, the walls going down the stairs and some of the front room. I have been so frustrated about it but didn't want to deal with the mess that the magic erasers make-not to mention the paint that they take off. Well, someone told me about using the bathroom cleaner scrubbing bubbles!!! IT IS THE BEST!!! It only took me an hour to get all the stuff off the walls. The easiest to take off was the marker (I am so glad that most of the mess on the walls upstairs was marker), then pencil, then crayon and last but not least pen. The pen took a little bit of elbow grease but it finally came off. I used one of those scrubby things that you get for washing dishes (they are orange and yellow) and it took the stuff right off with no mess and the paint is still on the wall. Oh yeah it also took off the greasy mess from the chapstick that Kayleigh tried to paint with. I mean to tell you-she used all that I mentioned to do her artwork and now you would never know! So it worked so well I decided to post the bulletin so other stressed out mommies or daddies can know about it just in case!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to being frustrated

So I was all ready for Friday and the finishing of Adrianna's testing but we may have to cancel. TRICARE has still not approved the rest of the testing and until they do we can't go any further. They usually want the school to do the rest of the testing (because they don't have to pay for it) but the school refuses to do it. I told them that when the place called me today and they told me not to cancel the appointment yet and they will continue to see what they can do but I may have to cancel it tomorrow! Please pray that this works out that she can get it done tomorrow! We really need these answers for her. I will update when I know more!

Today was an ok day. I am still not 100% so I took it easy. I missed another workout though so that frustrated me. We did get the backyard all cleaned up though and then went grocery shopping when Jon got home. When we came home from there it was Ice Cream Time! The kids loved that. Then it was baths and bed. Now I am sitting here waiting for American Idol to come on!

Anyway, I think I am going to go and relax! Hope that everyone has had a great day and I will update later!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Fun Weekend!

While our weekend was very busy it was so much fun! Friday I thought I was going to go crazy with everything I had to do. I took Jon to work, the kids to school then ran to Walmart to get the last few gifts that I needed and then off to Fun Friday playgroup. The girls got to do some Yoga-they did some of it and other parts they just looked at the other people. We left right after that and went home and wrapped the last of the gifts then it was lunch and off to take cupcakes up to the school. After school got out we took the dog to the neighbors and went to get Jon. Then we were off to Eric and Shari's for Jordan's birthday. When we got there we had great cake and then we went to see Bedtime Stories at the movie theater.

Then on to Saturday-we got up and ate donuts and then went to Walmart to get Jon a jacket-it was really cold and he forgot one. Then we went to Shari and Erics to open Justice's gifts and make a plan for the day. The original plan was to go to a place called celebration Station but it was an outdoor place for the most part and that doesn't mix well with the rain! Justice and the rest of the kids kept asking where we were going to go and we kept telling them it was a surprise-only because we didn't know ourselves! We decided to go to CiCi's Pizza for lunch and cake and then we went to a place called Funnigans. The kids had sooo much fun. Justice said it was his best birthday ever. I didn't even have a party and he had so much fun! I guess it probably seemed like a party though since he had presents and cake and there were other kids around! When we left Funnigans it was back home and to bed-I was so tired!

Today we went to church and then to a restaurant we have never been to before. This family from our church told us about a place that you could go to on Sundays and every Sunday the kids would eat FREE! Now FREE for us is a big deal with so many kids-Jody I wish you had a place like this around you-I know you would appreciate it also! It was really good food and we only spent $12 including the food and drinks-not alot for 7 people! The kids had a pizza buffet and Jon and I had Grinders and frys! I can't wait to go next week and try something new!

After we came home I took a nap because I wasn't feeling very well-not from the food though. I got to sleep for two hours which was nice. Jon went and got some stuff from the grocery store for dinner and made it. Now I am definitely ready for bed. I do want to add a slideshow of pictures from the weekend! Hope everyone elses weekend went well! Have a great night!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting to the end of the week

Aggghhh-somehow I just erased all that I wrote so here I am starting over! Yesterday was a VERY LONG DAY! We had to get up early so I could have the van today. We were then rushing around trying to get the kids to school on time. Michael is taking the Terra Nova testing this week. I am sure that he will do fine as long as he concentrates-when he trys to rush through his work he gets a lot wrong but when he takes his time and does it right he gets it all correct.

After I got the kids to school I can home with the girls played with them for a little bit and then got them some lunch. Right after lunch it was back up to the school to get the kids so I could take Adrianna to her testing. I had to take all of the kids with me this time because I didn't have anyone to watch them. Luckily about an hour into the testing someone dropped Jon off so he took the kids to the van and they watched movies in there. The testing took a little over two hours and then we were off again. We stopped and got the kids dinner and they all ate in the Curves parking lot so I could work out. I love going and getting that half hour of time for me and I really hope that I am able to lose some weight from this!

After working out at Curves we rushed home only to be there five minutes before I had to leave and go to church. I finally got home just before 10pm and believe me I was ready for bed and then dragging today.

Jon got to jump yesterday but ended up hurting his tailbone. He didn't tell anyone but it is hurting him alot and I am hoping that he will go to the doctors if it continues. I haven't heard from him yet today so I am not sure how he is feeling but this morning he was hurting.

Today after I go and get the kids from school we will finish up homework and then I am going to start packing. Tomorrow we are heading to Shari and Erics. They live about two hours away and Michael will be staying the night with them for Jordan's birthday. Saturday we are going to go somewhere fun for Justice's birthday. It all depends on the weather on what we do though because where we were originally going may not work with the weather that we are supposed to get. I just hope that he enjoys his 6th birthday!

I think before I end that I should also mention something. I had this big feeling yesterday that Justice is going to be someone really special-I think God has big plans for him. The boy ever since he was little has talked about God and Jesus and how much they love everyone and his own ideas about God's powers (we even have it on video-it is hilarious). He will tell anyone and everyone that he meets that he is a Christian and all about God's love for them. He will interrupt his teacher in school even so he can tell the class that God loves everyone even if they are bad. I just really think that he is going to grow up and do some amazing things-like be a missionary or pastor, evangelist-something along those lines! I just hope that all my kids love God as much as I do and that all of them follow what God wants them to do but I just have this feeling about Justice-only time will tell!

Ok-gotta go get the girls since they just woke up from their nap! Have a great day and weekend just in case I don't get on here for a couple days!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Glad I did things my way

So I just got off the phone with the lady from the school. The school has decided that since Adrianna is making some progress the last few weeks in class that they are not going to test her! Needless to say I let the lady know that I decided to do testing outside of the school. I then asked that if the people testing decided that she does need extra help then the school has to do something right????----the answer I got was no. HUH-I am so sick of this! Her therapist and psychiatrist told me that if these tests come back and say that she has PDD-NOS then she has to get the extra help at school-they have no choice but according to this lady they have to take the testing into consideration but if they still think it doesn't effect her at school they will not give her the extra help and just because she may have PDD-NOS she doesn't automatically get that help! I have a feeling I have a HUGE fight on my hands so please keep praying for her and us in this!

EDIS came out today to let me know that Kiersten doesn't qualify for their program! That I am happy about-that means there is nothing wrong with her. The only reason I went along with there testing is because her doctor suggested it just to make sure things are ok with her since her seizures and they are She tested average on everything. She only got on score that was kind of low-but still normal-and that was because she just flat out told them that she didn't want to do what she asked! It is good to know that she isn't behind on anything-now if we could just get her to be a little nicer.

I think that is all that is new! I will update later! Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Weekend!

What a weekend! We have had BEAUTIFUL weather! Saturday we all went out shopping and thanks to Jody got some great deals on clothes for the kids! While at the PX/BX I ended up walking past the garden section and ended up getting some flower seeds and stuff for the front yard! Wasn't planned but it was neat to get the stuff! Saturday night we went to some friends house for dinner and poker. It was another fun night.

Today beautiful day again! After church we came home and started on the front yard! The ground was so hard but we got it dug up and seeds planted! We also stopped at Lowes and got a rose bush and some fence to go around the garden! Hopefully the seeds grow and we get a beautiful garden but we will see! If the flowers don't grow maybe I will just go and buy ones that are already bloomed and plant those!

Here are some pictures of the weekend! Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend as well!

Friday, March 6, 2009

New update from the day!

Ok so we went to her appointment this morning and it lasted two hours! I am very drained from the day-sorry I didn't get on here earlier with the update! They started her testing today. There were a lot of questions asked of her and me! We both were tired when we were done-not sure how she was able to do anything at school after because she was tired. She has to go back on the 11th for two hours of testing and then on the 20th for two more hours of testing. Also on the 20th as soon as the testing is done we have a 1/2 hour appointment with the psychiatrist at that office which I think is when we will get the results but not sure. Please be praying that Tricare approves all of this. They are putting in the paperwork for approval but she told me that sometimes Tricare wants part of the testing to go through the school and we all know how that has been going so I think they are going to add that into the paperwork because they really want to be able to do all the testing. I think this is going to be a very tiring process for Dri but I know she will do her best and hopefully this will give us some answers at the end of the process! The people there are very nice that we have met so far so I think it is a good thing we got sent there! Thanks for the prayers so far and I will keep you all updated!

We have done nothing but run today! After I took Adrianna to her appointment I took her to school and then got the girls! Then we went to McDonalds and off to get some hair dye for Adrianna! She loves pink strikes in her hair and it comes out as you wash it so I am fine with it. She is a little diva now-lol! We came home and then got the kids from school after which we needed to go and get Jon from work. I really didn't expect to be sitting in a traffic jam so to say in our own housing area for 42 minutes! They were searching every car as they left housing. That was frustrating because then I was 40 minutes late picking up Jon but he was fine with it and just worked out more! When we came back so we could get changed and do the grocery shopping we asked the MP's at the gate why they were searching the cars and I guess there was an attempted kidnapping. As annoying as it was sitting there that whole time it is awesome to know that they go to great lengths to keep us and our kids safe! Then we repeated the whole-no talking or going anywhere to or with strangers with the kids! This hit too close to home and I wanted to make sure they really understood this!!!

After grocery shopping and working out we came home and Adrianna and I went upstairs to do her hair and I think it turned out so cute! I will post some pictures tomorrow! I am upset though because I took some really cute pictures of the girls today outside and when I was uploading them to the computer I lost the first 12 pics because the program stopped working and I always have them remove the pics from my camera as they upload. The majority of them were really cute ones of Kiersten. Now they are not on the camera or the computer so I am mad!

Anyway, I am so so tired so I am heading to bed! Have a great night and weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Maybe we are finally getting somewhere

So you all know the trouble we have been having with the school and getting Adrianna tested through the TEACCH program for the PDD-NOS. I don't remember if I put on here that the school called me last week to tell me that they will make the decision this week on weither or not they will test Adrianna, and if they feel that it is not effecting her school work they won't-not to mention the fact that they let their contract lapse with the TEACCH program so she still would have to wait the 18 months to be tested!!! Well, I did put a call in to the doctor and she sent a referral to a doctor that can test her! I got the letter in the mail last night and made the call this morning to get her the appointment! Imagine my surprise when she said well we happen to have an available appointment for tomorrow morning at 8:30. That sure beats 18 months!!! I just am blown away that we are getting this done so fast! Not sure if they are doing the actual testing tomorrow or if it is just the paperwork but I am happy to get her in and being this close to figuring out if this is what is causing her to have all her problems! Please be praying for her appoitnment tomorrow and that she will do ok with this testing. I will update everyone after her appointment!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The girls are driving me crazy again...

Every single time I put them down for a nap in their room they think that it is their job to pull all of their clothes out of their dresser! They are driving me nuts! I am taking a trip to Walmart later and buying child stuff to stop this because I have enough to do without having to pick up the same clothes every day!!!

So I have been using my camera! I LOVE it! I am so excited to have a new camera-now if I could just get my kids to cooperate a little so I can get pictures of them! This weekend is supposed to be so nice so I am going to take them outside and get some pictures of them!

SO yesterday let me just say was COLD!!! Not only was it cold but we were without electricity for 3 1/2 hours which made it also cold inside. Around 11 the school sent out a message to all the parents that if we wanted we could go and take more clothes to our children or we could bring them home! I decided to take more clothes to them because they could of come home and froze here but feel behind in school or freeze at school and learn something! Michael wasn't too happy with that but oh well!

Ok-so here are a few of the pictures I have taken of the girls with my new camera! In some the kids have messy hair-sorry-it was the end of the day and I don't stop to do the hair at that point! In other pictures you can see how cold the girls were in the house yesterday because of their noses. Right after I took those pictures I went and put sweaters on the girls!!! Enjoy and have a great day!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I am going to make this quick! I am so FRUSTRATED! I have been working out at Curves for almost a month now! Last time I joined I lost a lot of weight working out there! I have GAINED three pounds! Not LOST but GAINED! WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE! I am so upset about this! It gets upsetting when I am trying so hard to lose this weight and am not making any progress! Anyway-I just had to vent!

March Already

Let's just say I can't believe that it is March already! I also can't believe that in just 12 days Justice will be 6 years old! That is just crazy to me! This morning I am going to be cleaning the house! We started in on the garage last night trying to finally get that all cleaned out! We had the house done and the stuff we left in the garage we really don't use so we just left it there! I decided yesterday that I really would like to use the garage for something other than storage like I don't know-putting the van in it!!!

We had a pretty good weekend! We did our poker night at Lanna's and that was fun as usual! This weekend it is at our house so that will be good-if I could just figure out what I am going to make! Lanna had the ideas of tacos and have everyone bring their favorite topping! Maybe we will do that but it kind of seems a little messy when there are 9 kids involved!!!

Not much else to report! Justice did have a great week last week except for Friday but I am not counting that against him since he did get up at 4:40am! Adrianna has her therapy appointment today and her psychology appointment tomorrow so I am going to tell them what the school and doctor said! I am sure they will not be happy with the school-just like me!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I will post more later!