Sunday, August 31, 2008

The fun we had!

So Adrianna and I had a blast last night! Yesterday we spent a lot of the day packing-although we didn't seem to get a lot of that done still whatever we get done before Tuesday will help alot! Needless to say Adrianna was supposed to go out with our friend Lanna and then stay the night at her house. She called to let me know she was on her way and asked if I wanted to come along as well! I talk to Jon and decided that I would go and I am so glad that I did! Lanna took us to a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food right in front of you and the food was so so good! I loved it! Adrianna was a little overwhelmed! They kept piling the food on her plate and finally at one point she told the guy-this is way too much food. The chef just laughed! It was so nice to get out and stop working for awhile. After the restaurant she also took us to an Ice Cream place called Cold Stone! It was the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

Here are some pictures of our night:


Well, that is it for now! Tonight I am going to enjoy my leftovers and pack a little more if I could stop yawning and get to work that would be nice! Have a good rest of the day everyone!

Friday, August 29, 2008

So yesterday....

Adrianna had one of her meltdowns at school. I guess she went running out of the classroom to get me (I was already gone) and started freaking out in the hallway. She wouldn't go back into class and one of the counselors there walked her around the school to calm her down. I guess this lady is new here as well and told Adrianna that her mom told her that she had to get up and go to work anyway. Needless to say she took her to a kindergarten class to see if that would calm her down a little bit. It just so happened that the class she picked was Justice's. Justice gave Adrianna a big hug and kiss and sang to her and the whole class the Try Again song that he learned in Sure Start! That calmed Adrianna down and gave her the courage to go back to class. What a great little brother he is!

During the time that the kids were in school I had a relaxing day. My wonderful husband let me take a three hour nap! I was so shocked when I woke up and it was 1:15 and almost time to leave to get the kids. He not only did that but cleaned up the house as well and made dinner last night. He is so so great! I need to do something special for him as soon as this move is over with!

We are trying to potty train the girls still and house train the dog. Jon got them on a schedule where they are on the potty every 30 minutes-hasn't been working but Kayleigh did just go so hopefully we are making progress. The puppy is another story. I am wondering if she is not getting any better. She is acting better until this morning when she threw up. I am really hoping all this medicine works and that she gets better soon! The faster she gets better the easier it will be to house train her and I really wanted that done before we moved to the new house so we will see how that goes! Well, I think that is all for now! Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a day!

Let me tell you from the moment that I woke up I should of just went back to bed. So first thing this morning I got up took the kids to school in a big storm-flooded roads, lightning, thunder and pooring rain. Finally got the kids to school-soaked dispite the umbrella, stopped at the vet to get the rest of Daisy's medicine and went home-mind you after going around an accident and still storming. Went outside to take the dog out and found out we were in a Tornado Warning. I was freaking out. This is the first time we had a tornado warning in 4 years and I couldn't be there to protect my kids because they were on the other side of base at school. It was even more frustrating to find out later that Adrianna and Justice's school didn't even do anything about it-they just kept the kids in class. Needless to say we are all alright and the storm passed.

So after doing all the running we had today we stopped at housing to let them know that Jon went to the briefing that we needed to so we can move only to find out that we can't move now until Tuesday because the maintainence is not done at the new place yet! They first told us we could get the keys tomorrow morning but then found out we couldn't. I was upset at first because Jon has to go back to work next week but this will give us the weekend to pack a lot of stuff up and get ready! Anyway, then at the end of the day we go and put the kids to bed-go in the twins room and find out that during their "nap" they ripped up the blinds in their room. Not happy-we are a few days from moving out of here and now we have to replace something! AGGGHHH! I am ready for bed! Have a good night!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The las few days

So during the time that I have not been typing a lot of new stuff has happened! The kids have all (except the twins of course) started school! The all love their classes and teachers and are making friends quickly. It is such a releif that Adrianna is doing so well. She cried a little the first day when I dropped her off but no tears today! Her teacher said she is doing great with not missing me! Well, you all know that we got a puppy. Well, yesterday she started this coughing really bad. I took her to get her shots today and they sent me to another vet because she was sick and the actual doctor there was not able to see her. I took her to the animal hospital and they told me that she has Kennel Cough. Poor girl is now on antibiotics and cough meds and then she got her heartworm and flea medication. They also called me from the other vets office to tell me that she has three different types of worms! That made me upset because the people that we got her from told me that she was already dewormed her and everything. Poor girl is sick, sick, sick. Needless to say we go pick up the two different kinds of dewormers tomorrow. So now we have to really be careful with the kids and make sure they all wash their hands and stuff after playing with the puppy!

Jon has to go to the DITY briefing tomorrow and then we can find out exactly when we get to move into our new place. I am so excited and ready for this to happen. I can't wait to be settled in for good and not be living out of a half boxed house! I have had a headache of the century that keeps coming back and it is really bothering me tonight. Probably from all the stuff we have been doing lately and I just need a BIG BREAK! I need to sleep for a whole 24 hours or something and then maybe I will feel better! Anyway, have a great night everyone!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ok-so I am trying this!

Ok-so some have been wanting to see pictures and I also wanted to show pictures of our new puppy who Jon has named Daisy! So I am trying it-let's see if this works! Not many pictures for now but we are getting ready to leave so this will have to do! The one with the kids is with my Grandma! Have a great day!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our new member

Well today we got on craigslist for our area and there was an add for puppies. Jon has really been wanting a puppy for a long time although the kind he wants is a bull mastiff but so far we have had no luck with that. Anyway the add was for two australian sheppards that are 7 weeks old. I emailed the lady and she said one was gone but she still had the little girl! Needless to say now we have a little puppy who remains nameless-that is Jon's job to find the right name. The cool thing is she is all black with a little white on the chest just like our cat Midnight! The kids love her-Kayleigh who hates dogs seems to be taking to her ok. Midnight is a little upset right now but I think he will do fine with her probably by tomorrow-especially when he realizes that she gets put in a kennel at night and he gets to roam the house! My batteries in my camera are still dead so when I get them charged I will take pictures and post them-along with the other pictures that I have promised. Please just pray that she doesn't tear up our new place-that is all I am worried about!

We will probably be moving ourselves into our new house next weekend! They will pay us for it but if we wait for them to do it we will have to wait until the middle of September! Other than that there is no new news for us! Write again tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OK-so what is new????

So lets see. What has happened in the last few days???? Nothing much except for the fact that we are now moving again after living in our new place for only three weeks. That is right-you are not reading incorrectly! Here is how it happened! A lady came and knocked on our door yesterday! She told us she knows that this is not the best time to be coming and asking us since we just moved in and everything but the Air Force stopped renovating the buildings and left 27 units not done and we are living in one of them. She wanted to know if we would be willing to move out into nicer housing! I wasn't sure how I was going to answer that until she told where I would be living. In the very same housing that I wished I could of lived in in the first place! That is right-beautiful much bigger housing! If anyone is interested in seeing it they can go to . Once you are there you can click on virtual tours and then on JNCO housing-it is beautiful! We went and looked at the model home today and it is so much bigger. Then we drove by our new place-we even got the end unit so we are only connected to one family and get a whole side yard for the kids to play in as well! I am just so excited about this. We will be out of this housing within the next few weeks with availability of moving into our new place on the 29th of this month! The only down side is that I have to pull the kids out of one school and enroll them into another before Monday! AGGGGHHHH! Anyway, that is all I have time for for now! Have a good night everyone!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a great day we had!

So today was a really good day! Didn't get much done with the house-I think I need to save that more for the weekdays! We went to church and it was such an awesome service! Half of it was drama type skits and the other half the Pastor preached! I think we are going to stick with this church. Adrianna even didn't want to leave-can you believe that-my daughter that cries everytime we try to leave her at her classroom wanted to stay because she made some new friends-that felt so so good!

After church we came home and ate lunch and Jon watched the kids so I could take a nap. I couldn't believe that I got a two hour nap in today-that felt so so good! I also started this new thing. Before we went grocery shopping yesterday I asked each one of the older kids for one meal that they wanted me to make this week. They each gave me their decisions and yesterday we got all of the food for them! Tonight was the first time I made the meals and I went with Justice's. I also decided that as a one on one thing that whenever I made the kids meal that they chose they could help me so Justice helped me make English Muffin pizzas and we also had pineapple, carrots with ranch dressing and for dessert we had strawberries with cool whip (all Justices pick-he LOVES carrots). Needless to say it was one of the best meals that we have had in a long time. We actually sat down at the table as a family for the first time in a long time and had so much fun doing it. You should of seen the twins eating-Kiersten dipping her carrots in the ranch dressing and smiling so big with it all over her face and Kayleigh only wanted to eat the carrots period-nothing else at least until the strawberries came out! Anyway, after dinner Jon read to the kids from the Bible while I did the dishes. It was just a great night all together! Even got all of the school stuff sorted out and in their back packs! It just makes me smile when I look at my family and how wonderful each and every member is in their own different ways! I just want to say to everyone to please not take their family for granted and enjoy every minute together!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I just have to say that we had so much fun yesterday. So much and that is the reason that I didn't get to post yesterday because we got home so late and we all just crashed. First we spend the first part of the day where I was upset. I went to go and register my van since I finally got the title but because the car dealership put my grandma's name and the the word-or-and then my name but the state of NC does not accept the word OR so I had to overnight the title and a power of attorney back to my Grandma so I can have that changed and get a new title. In the meantime my temperary plate runs out on Tuesday so the state of NC will give me another temporary one on Tuesday but for only ten days so it is getting a little frustrating. That was the only bad thing of the day though.

We also found out the kids teachers yesterday. We get to meet them next Friday so that will be nice. Please pray that Adrianna does ok. I told her last night that I am not allowed to walker her to her classroom and she started crying. I hope that she does ok with this.

On to the fun stuff. We went to Build a Bear-yes we spent a fortune. My friend Lanna got the older three their animals and we did the twins and mine-yes I got one too! We all had so much fun doing them. I will try to post pictures but right now my camera died so I will have to wait until the batteries are charged again! After Build a Bear we ate dinner at the mall. I tell you if you ever heard of FIVE GUYS-Justice loves eating there. Everytime we go to the mall he asks if he can have their bacon hot dog. Doesn't sound good to me at all but he loves it. When we were done eating there we went back to Lanna's and started a fire in the backyard and did smores! We also got some shrimp out and had that-it was so good. Needless to say that is why we didn't get home until really late though! It is the most fun we have all had a in a long time-well at least in the time that we have been in NC and trying to get settled in! Hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I feel like progress is being made. I got all of the kitchen organized and the dining room. I also got some of the living room organized including all of the kids books. I feel so much better about that but we still have a lot of stuff that needs to be taken care of and our bedroom will be the last to get done!!! I also got the title to my van today so tomorrow we are going to go and get the plate and tags for it and get it inspected. We are also going to take a trip to Build A Bear! The kids are so so excited about that. We are going with my friend Lanna. I am sure it will be a small fortune but it will be worth it. I am going to try to remember to take my camera and get some pictures and then figure out how to post them on here. Anyway, off to bed so I can start another day tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tomorrow is another day

SO today didn't go as planned! Since we have been doing so much work on the house-even though it doesn't even looked touched-we have not been able to spend much time with the kids. I told Jon last night that I planned on taking the kids to the park in the morning after breakfast. Well, Jon came in from PT when we were all still in bed and was soaked. It poured down rain all day today. I told Jon that it figured since I had planned to do that with the kids. We did take a trip to the Christian book store and got lots of stuff that was on sale so that was nice. I was also excited because the twins new bedding came in the mail today. It looks so cute in their room. They were so excited they climbed right in their beds and loved the fact that they had nice comfortable pillows to sleep on!

Well, tomorrow Jon will be at work all day so I am planning on really cracking down on this house. I feel like going though and just throwing all of the rest of the stuff away even though I know I won't and shouldn't. I am praying for the energy to do it. I guess I should say and without pain since my back is really hurting now after I lifted our big heavy printer by myself. So I am hoping that things go more to my plan tomorrow then today! Have a good night.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Will the unpacking ever end???

I swear it doesn't seem like it will! I was so tired today I didn't do very much-just put a few pictures on the wall and stuff like that! I did get some laundry done though so I guess that is a plus! Kiersten was very cranky today. I think she may be getting a cold or something! She ran around with a snotty nose all day and was very clingy. I hope that she is not getting really sick since there is so much to do around here and I hate when the kids get sick-they are always so miserable! I will say Midnight-our cat-has gotten alot more friendly since we have moved here. He is always coming up and wanting to cuddle with me now. Every night after I put the kids to bed I can count on him coming and laying down right beside me waiting for me to pet him. He never did this when we lived in Germany. I think he is finally realizing that he doesn't have to travel anymore and he can relax. Jon's new Jeep is now not running. He has alot of work that he has to put into it to make it up to where he can drive it. Hope it doesn't cost too much money. Anyway, not much of anything interesting happening today so I am going to head to bed! Hope everyone is have a great week!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Boy am I tired!

The last two days have been really long and tiring! We went to church on Sunday and that was nice. I signed up to go to a womens retreat that is in September so hopefully I will meet some more women around here soon. I am also waiting for the fall time so I can sign up to start a home group and get to know more people that way as well! Today was pretty eventful and exciting! First off this morning I ordered my Michael W. Smith/Steven Curtis Chapman Concert Tickets for Lanna and I. We are going to his concert in Myrtle Beach, SC and I can't wait! We got really good tickets-front center and I am very, very excited about that! This afternoon my sister and her husband and baby came over to visit with us and we had a nice visit. It was the first time I was able to meet her husband since she met him and got married while I was in Germany. Seems like an ok guy! The girls are doing pretty good sleeping in their toddler beds! I forgot to mention that in my earlier posts! I put them in toddler beds when our stuff got here and they are actually sleeping in them! It is so neat but I am sure when they realize how to open their door I will be in for it! Anyway, off to bed again! Had a long day and I have more unpackign to do in the morning-I am so proud though because I got my coco clock up and a few pictures plus my polish pottery is all out as well! Have a good night everyone!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Take it all away....

Ok so I wanted all of my stuff here but now I am so tired and I hate looking at all of these boxes and stuff EVERYWHERE that I want it all gone! Good news is I did get one room finished-the twins room is now down and looks great if I do say so myself! Things went pretty well today. Not too much is broken but we did have a few things-like some glass in pictures frames and just frames themselves and somehow two of the wheels off the boys dresser is missing so that stinks! We also had a bar-b-que today and my friend Lanna came over. The boys decided that they wanted to stay the night at her house so they just left. Of course as I am typing this Lanna just called me to ask me to bring shoes for Justice for church tomorrow because he left with no shoes on! Anyway, I think I am going to go and get a bowl of ice cream or something and then head to bed! Too much work for one day!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our day today

So today has gone by pretty good. I woke up early and went to a garage sale! If I do say so myself I got some really good deals there. I picked up two dressers, a stand with wheels on it, a Jeep Power Wheels, A play set for out in back , a Princess pillow for Dri, two pair of PJs for the twins and three carebears! I was so excited dispite the three trips I had to take there so I could bring everything back to the house. The kids were pretty good today. Kayleigh did decide to make a mess in the pack in play with the contents of her diaper-not fun to clean up I might add and she did this while I was painting the twins bedroom. Good news is bedrooms are all painted and we are all ready for the Household goods delivery tomorrow! I am so excited that in 24 hours I will have all my stuff back! Some of you probably have no idea what it is like to have kids and be without their stuff for 2 1/2 months-it is very interesting! Well, not sure if I will have time to post tomorrow since I will be very busy but I will try to sit and relax on my wonderful couch and post something really quick-hopefully not to say that anything is broken! Have a good night everyone!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Blog

Well, this is it! I am finally deciding to start a blog. Don't ask me what made me decide to do this but I just thought it would be a fun thing to do to let everyone know what is going on with our lives. Anyway, we have been living in our new place now for almost two weeks and will finally get all of our household goods on Saturday. It will be so nice to see all of our stuff again-I am so excited about this and also getting rid of the echo in the empty house! Things are going good with the kids. Michael, Adrianna and Justice are all signed up for school and will start on the 25th. The school seems like a good one and they are willing so far to work with me about Adrianna and helping her with things she is struggling with. The twins have been kind of cranky lately but seem to be loving all this room to run in here. They are doing very well with the stairs but I am sure one of the kids will end up falling down them at one point.

Tonight we went to a neighborhood party but of course the weather didn't cooperate so we didn't get to hear the band that was going to play-maybe next time. We also may have found a church already. I have never been to such a big church in my life. I am telling you they had several people there telling you where to park and guiding you ever step of the way! I hope that this is the one that we are supposed to be at. It has a lot of kids programs and the kids seemed to really like it last Sunday-all but Adrianna because she is being difficult about everything that has to do with this move! Anyway, I guess this is it for my first blog. I will try to update it often! Hope that everyone has a great night!