Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hey guys! Those of you on facebook may have read this already but I wanted to add it on here for those without facebook! I kind of feel like we are really being tested right now. I just keep telling myself that God doesn't give us more than we can handle so here it all goes.

Thursday, two hours before I was supposed to pick up Jon, Adrianna fell off the monkey bars on our swingset and broke her arm. Instead of heading to base to get Jon he had to be taken to the hospital by his 1st Sgt. to see us there---Welcome Home Jon! She had a scheduled appointment to see the Ortho guy on Thursday next week but for some reason they called yesterday and said after another guy looked at the xrays they want her to come in Monday. Not sure at all what this means but she did break her arm in two places. Please pray that all is ok and she will heal quickly.

Took Michael, Kayleigh and Kiersten in to the doctors yesterday for their 10yr and 3yr check ups. Good news first---Michael is 10% in height and weight (not sure he thinks that is good news though), Kayleigh is 50% in height (no longer worried about her height) and 75% in weight, and Kiersten is 75% in weight and off the chart in height---now I know why I thought Kayleigh was too short for her age!

Now on to the other news. Kayleigh has to go to a surgeon on Nov. 9th for the hernia that she has in her belly button. They just want to make sure it is going to close up on it's own and is a little worried that she is 3 and it hasn't plus I guess she felt something-I don't know-needless to say she has to go to be checked.

Kiersten is the one I am really worried about. When I took her in to the cardiologist last year they said she had a small leak in her heart but not to worry because even some people that have normal hearts have leaks there. Well, today at her check up with her pediatrician she heard a murmur. She said it was a small one and I shouldn't worry too much until I see the cardiologist again, which isn't until the 20th of Nov. Needless to say it feels like I have forever to worry! Please just pray for all of this. I told Jon that as sudden as it seems that the doctor is hearing this it can go away that quickly if God wants it too but I am still very scared! I won't have any updates on any of this until the dates that I mentioned for each. Jody-I don't know how you do it with having more than one girl go through this stuff-I am going crazy with just one of them!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This has got to stop. This not posting very often! I feel like life is on full speed with no time to stop and smell the flowers before they all disappear for the winter! That is right-winter is just around the corner-where has this year gone!

Well, things have been crazy here. School is going great! I started them back up again this week which I almost think was a mistake. We were not supposed to start back up until next week but my Grandma has decided she is going to come and visit us again-YAY-and I wanted to be able to concentrate on her being here and not having to worry about school! The kids have done ok with it but I ended up in the ER on Monday from 12:30pm until 10:30pm and I have been pretty much out of it since. Turns out after hurting for five days I decided it was time to go in and I have Costochondsritis. It is the inflamation of my cartilage around my ribs, back and chest! It really sucks and hurts so much. Problem number two is that because of my kidneys I can't take the medication that would help me quickly so all they can give me is Tylenol 3 and I will be like this for 1-2 weeks-looking more like the two week range! I have a follow up appointment on Tuesday morning so hopefully I will get some good news then!

Jon has reenlisted for another 6 years! Hopefully we will be getting the bonus money from that soon. Jon wants to get lots of stuff with it but I am also hoping we can save some of it though. First we are paying off all our credit card bills-YAY! Very excited about that! He is going to get a dirt bike and fix up his jeep. We are also going to get clothes for everyone and a new couch-we definitely need that! It is something that we really are looking forward to! It will be nice to have something nice and new and the new clothes I could really use but haven't wanted to buy until I lose weight-that isn't going so well so I guess it is time to break down and buy some!

Well, gotta go and get some things done! Been crazy around here! Have a great day everyone!