Thursday, November 12, 2009

An update

So the appointments this week all went great! Kayleigh will have to be rechecked when she is 5 years old. If she still has the hernia at that time then she will have to have surgery at that point but I am praying that it will be gone by then. Adrianna's appointment went well and she is now in a long armed cast. In two weeks she will then be put in a short armed cast and then hopefully no more casts! She is doing well with it but does hurt quit a bit. They also think she damaged the sensitivity nerve in her thumb. She is having trouble feeling things with it. She can move it alright but it feels numb and tingly. From where the numbness starts the doctor said that it will probably be about 20 months for it to be back to normal! Kierstens appointment also went well! I was so happy when the doctor said that everything was exactly the same as last year-except for the murmur. He did say that the murmur is an innocent murmur and it is probably coming from the place where her three main artieries come together! Needless to say it is not a problem and that is all that I wanted to hear. It is amazing to see the pictures of her heart now. You can barely tell where her patch is-the tissues are growing over it the way it is supposed to and it is so amazing to me! Thanks everyone for all the prayers. Now I am off today-going to Shari and Erics and then us girls are headed to the beach while the guys watch all the kids! Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Enjoying the weekend

So I am sitting here relaxing on the couch enjoying the weekend. Well, relaxing might not be the right word since my mind is going a mile a minute. Yesterday Shari and the boys came out and we went to a jewelry party. She also had one today to do so that was good. I just pray that the parties keep coming so her and Eric can go through the adoption process quickly! I can't wait till they bring my new neice home! Anyone that doesn't know my sister in law and her husband have two boys and would really love to adopt a little girl. They are so excited about this adventure and I just want the process to go so quickly for them so they can have a beautiful little girl to spoil soon! She is doing Premier Designs Jewelry Parties to raise money for the adoption and anyone that might be interested that live around NC let me know and she would love to do a show for you-or maybe a catalog party???

I have been doing nothing but constantly thinking about all the appointments that we have this week. Kayleigh goes to the surgion on Monday for her hernia. For some reason she is excited about going to the doctor! She keeps telling everyone that she is going to the doctor on Monday! Adrianna has her Ortho appointment on Tuesday to get her hard cast on. I am anxious to see what design she picks for her cast-it should be interesting. She thought she was all sold on the hot pink until she seen all the options they had when we were leaving last week. Then, to update, I was able to get Keirsten's cardiologist appointment moved up to Wednesday. Makes for a busy week but it is almost a week and a half less of a wait to know what is going on with her! The last two days she has been running her famous fevers for no reason. Makes me nervous everytime she does this. So far we have been keeping them down though with the Motrin and Tylenol so that is good and I went out and bought one of those ear thermometers so I feel more confident on it actually working. Thanks for all the prayers everyone has been saying for our family! This is the week we have been waiting for. I will update on here as I get the answers so I guess the next update will probably be Monday!

Have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow-I am tired!

Getting up at 5am yesterday morning and 4:30am this morning is taking a toll on me! I have been so warn out today! The good news is I have a nice new bed to go upstairs and lay on when it comes to bed time! My room looks so beautiful! The only thing it needs now is new bedding! At the moment though I am relaxing on my beautiful, comfy couch! I love that the seat I am sitting in reclines! I am so comfortable! Just not sure what I am going to do when it comes time to put up the Chrismas tree because my living room now seems so small with all this furniture in it!

I finally got a call back from the Peds office today. The referral for Kiersten is in and we are just waiting for Tricare to approve it. As soon as it gets approved then I can call the cardiologist and see if we can get her in sooner then the 20th. By the time Tricare approves it though I am wondering if it will even be worth it to switch the date!

The kids, I think, are just as excited about the new furniture. They, however, do not like the new rules for the furniture and what they can and can't do with it-like touch the couch right after eating a pizza pocket without washing their hands! I just don't want any stains on my new furniture!

OK-so I don't think anything else is new. I did pull my muscle in the bottom of my back again last night while moving all the furniture but I think all this new comfy stuff might just help-lol!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


YAY! So Jon finally got his bonus that we have been expecting for weeks! I have never seen that amount of money in our bank account before. After we found out Jon took us to the furniture store across the street to look at some stuff that he had picked out and wanted to get. So we bought a beautiful new couch that has a hide-a-bed in it which will be great when we have company over. I have always wanted one of them and the couch has room for 7 people on it-it is just perfect. I just hope that we can fit it in this living room! We also got a new bedroom set. I LOVE it! It includes a queen size sleigh bed, two night stands with drawers, a beautiful chest of drawers with a mirror and then a chest that the tv can go in and that also has drawers. I feel like I can now have a place to put my clothes since at the moment they are in plastic containers in my closet!

Now here is the big job I have to do. We have to get all the stuff moved to the garage that we are getting rid of by tonight since tomorrow morning Adrianna has her therapy and they will be delivering the furniture after noon tomorrow! I am so excited about it because Shari and the boys will be here this weekend and she will have a new comfy place to sleep!

So also with this bonus, we are paying off all our bills! It will be so nice to be debt free again! I love the idea of taking three bills off the month! That is some more money that we can save in the end! Then after that Jon wants us to get new clothes and he is planning on buying some things! I think the money will be gone very quickly but it will be nice to have things that we need and also be able to take our trip to Michigan for Christmas! This trip is important to us so Jon can see his family before he deploys!

Please keep praying for the girls! Adrianna's arm is doing great-well for a broken arm. She goes in next Tuesday and gets the hard cast put on. We are just praying that it continues to heal well. Kayleigh goes to the surgion on Monday and we are trying to get Kiersten in to the cardiologist earlier than the 20th. I have to get her a new referral-I guess here you have to do it every year. Once the new referral is in then they will try to get her in sooner! I will let everyone know when/if it will be before the 20th!

Have a great day everyone!