Thursday, November 12, 2009

An update

So the appointments this week all went great! Kayleigh will have to be rechecked when she is 5 years old. If she still has the hernia at that time then she will have to have surgery at that point but I am praying that it will be gone by then. Adrianna's appointment went well and she is now in a long armed cast. In two weeks she will then be put in a short armed cast and then hopefully no more casts! She is doing well with it but does hurt quit a bit. They also think she damaged the sensitivity nerve in her thumb. She is having trouble feeling things with it. She can move it alright but it feels numb and tingly. From where the numbness starts the doctor said that it will probably be about 20 months for it to be back to normal! Kierstens appointment also went well! I was so happy when the doctor said that everything was exactly the same as last year-except for the murmur. He did say that the murmur is an innocent murmur and it is probably coming from the place where her three main artieries come together! Needless to say it is not a problem and that is all that I wanted to hear. It is amazing to see the pictures of her heart now. You can barely tell where her patch is-the tissues are growing over it the way it is supposed to and it is so amazing to me! Thanks everyone for all the prayers. Now I am off today-going to Shari and Erics and then us girls are headed to the beach while the guys watch all the kids! Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Enjoying the weekend

So I am sitting here relaxing on the couch enjoying the weekend. Well, relaxing might not be the right word since my mind is going a mile a minute. Yesterday Shari and the boys came out and we went to a jewelry party. She also had one today to do so that was good. I just pray that the parties keep coming so her and Eric can go through the adoption process quickly! I can't wait till they bring my new neice home! Anyone that doesn't know my sister in law and her husband have two boys and would really love to adopt a little girl. They are so excited about this adventure and I just want the process to go so quickly for them so they can have a beautiful little girl to spoil soon! She is doing Premier Designs Jewelry Parties to raise money for the adoption and anyone that might be interested that live around NC let me know and she would love to do a show for you-or maybe a catalog party???

I have been doing nothing but constantly thinking about all the appointments that we have this week. Kayleigh goes to the surgion on Monday for her hernia. For some reason she is excited about going to the doctor! She keeps telling everyone that she is going to the doctor on Monday! Adrianna has her Ortho appointment on Tuesday to get her hard cast on. I am anxious to see what design she picks for her cast-it should be interesting. She thought she was all sold on the hot pink until she seen all the options they had when we were leaving last week. Then, to update, I was able to get Keirsten's cardiologist appointment moved up to Wednesday. Makes for a busy week but it is almost a week and a half less of a wait to know what is going on with her! The last two days she has been running her famous fevers for no reason. Makes me nervous everytime she does this. So far we have been keeping them down though with the Motrin and Tylenol so that is good and I went out and bought one of those ear thermometers so I feel more confident on it actually working. Thanks for all the prayers everyone has been saying for our family! This is the week we have been waiting for. I will update on here as I get the answers so I guess the next update will probably be Monday!

Have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow-I am tired!

Getting up at 5am yesterday morning and 4:30am this morning is taking a toll on me! I have been so warn out today! The good news is I have a nice new bed to go upstairs and lay on when it comes to bed time! My room looks so beautiful! The only thing it needs now is new bedding! At the moment though I am relaxing on my beautiful, comfy couch! I love that the seat I am sitting in reclines! I am so comfortable! Just not sure what I am going to do when it comes time to put up the Chrismas tree because my living room now seems so small with all this furniture in it!

I finally got a call back from the Peds office today. The referral for Kiersten is in and we are just waiting for Tricare to approve it. As soon as it gets approved then I can call the cardiologist and see if we can get her in sooner then the 20th. By the time Tricare approves it though I am wondering if it will even be worth it to switch the date!

The kids, I think, are just as excited about the new furniture. They, however, do not like the new rules for the furniture and what they can and can't do with it-like touch the couch right after eating a pizza pocket without washing their hands! I just don't want any stains on my new furniture!

OK-so I don't think anything else is new. I did pull my muscle in the bottom of my back again last night while moving all the furniture but I think all this new comfy stuff might just help-lol!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


YAY! So Jon finally got his bonus that we have been expecting for weeks! I have never seen that amount of money in our bank account before. After we found out Jon took us to the furniture store across the street to look at some stuff that he had picked out and wanted to get. So we bought a beautiful new couch that has a hide-a-bed in it which will be great when we have company over. I have always wanted one of them and the couch has room for 7 people on it-it is just perfect. I just hope that we can fit it in this living room! We also got a new bedroom set. I LOVE it! It includes a queen size sleigh bed, two night stands with drawers, a beautiful chest of drawers with a mirror and then a chest that the tv can go in and that also has drawers. I feel like I can now have a place to put my clothes since at the moment they are in plastic containers in my closet!

Now here is the big job I have to do. We have to get all the stuff moved to the garage that we are getting rid of by tonight since tomorrow morning Adrianna has her therapy and they will be delivering the furniture after noon tomorrow! I am so excited about it because Shari and the boys will be here this weekend and she will have a new comfy place to sleep!

So also with this bonus, we are paying off all our bills! It will be so nice to be debt free again! I love the idea of taking three bills off the month! That is some more money that we can save in the end! Then after that Jon wants us to get new clothes and he is planning on buying some things! I think the money will be gone very quickly but it will be nice to have things that we need and also be able to take our trip to Michigan for Christmas! This trip is important to us so Jon can see his family before he deploys!

Please keep praying for the girls! Adrianna's arm is doing great-well for a broken arm. She goes in next Tuesday and gets the hard cast put on. We are just praying that it continues to heal well. Kayleigh goes to the surgion on Monday and we are trying to get Kiersten in to the cardiologist earlier than the 20th. I have to get her a new referral-I guess here you have to do it every year. Once the new referral is in then they will try to get her in sooner! I will let everyone know when/if it will be before the 20th!

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hey guys! Those of you on facebook may have read this already but I wanted to add it on here for those without facebook! I kind of feel like we are really being tested right now. I just keep telling myself that God doesn't give us more than we can handle so here it all goes.

Thursday, two hours before I was supposed to pick up Jon, Adrianna fell off the monkey bars on our swingset and broke her arm. Instead of heading to base to get Jon he had to be taken to the hospital by his 1st Sgt. to see us there---Welcome Home Jon! She had a scheduled appointment to see the Ortho guy on Thursday next week but for some reason they called yesterday and said after another guy looked at the xrays they want her to come in Monday. Not sure at all what this means but she did break her arm in two places. Please pray that all is ok and she will heal quickly.

Took Michael, Kayleigh and Kiersten in to the doctors yesterday for their 10yr and 3yr check ups. Good news first---Michael is 10% in height and weight (not sure he thinks that is good news though), Kayleigh is 50% in height (no longer worried about her height) and 75% in weight, and Kiersten is 75% in weight and off the chart in height---now I know why I thought Kayleigh was too short for her age!

Now on to the other news. Kayleigh has to go to a surgeon on Nov. 9th for the hernia that she has in her belly button. They just want to make sure it is going to close up on it's own and is a little worried that she is 3 and it hasn't plus I guess she felt something-I don't know-needless to say she has to go to be checked.

Kiersten is the one I am really worried about. When I took her in to the cardiologist last year they said she had a small leak in her heart but not to worry because even some people that have normal hearts have leaks there. Well, today at her check up with her pediatrician she heard a murmur. She said it was a small one and I shouldn't worry too much until I see the cardiologist again, which isn't until the 20th of Nov. Needless to say it feels like I have forever to worry! Please just pray for all of this. I told Jon that as sudden as it seems that the doctor is hearing this it can go away that quickly if God wants it too but I am still very scared! I won't have any updates on any of this until the dates that I mentioned for each. Jody-I don't know how you do it with having more than one girl go through this stuff-I am going crazy with just one of them!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This has got to stop. This not posting very often! I feel like life is on full speed with no time to stop and smell the flowers before they all disappear for the winter! That is right-winter is just around the corner-where has this year gone!

Well, things have been crazy here. School is going great! I started them back up again this week which I almost think was a mistake. We were not supposed to start back up until next week but my Grandma has decided she is going to come and visit us again-YAY-and I wanted to be able to concentrate on her being here and not having to worry about school! The kids have done ok with it but I ended up in the ER on Monday from 12:30pm until 10:30pm and I have been pretty much out of it since. Turns out after hurting for five days I decided it was time to go in and I have Costochondsritis. It is the inflamation of my cartilage around my ribs, back and chest! It really sucks and hurts so much. Problem number two is that because of my kidneys I can't take the medication that would help me quickly so all they can give me is Tylenol 3 and I will be like this for 1-2 weeks-looking more like the two week range! I have a follow up appointment on Tuesday morning so hopefully I will get some good news then!

Jon has reenlisted for another 6 years! Hopefully we will be getting the bonus money from that soon. Jon wants to get lots of stuff with it but I am also hoping we can save some of it though. First we are paying off all our credit card bills-YAY! Very excited about that! He is going to get a dirt bike and fix up his jeep. We are also going to get clothes for everyone and a new couch-we definitely need that! It is something that we really are looking forward to! It will be nice to have something nice and new and the new clothes I could really use but haven't wanted to buy until I lose weight-that isn't going so well so I guess it is time to break down and buy some!

Well, gotta go and get some things done! Been crazy around here! Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back from Disney

Ok-so I have been back for a few days but have been really busy! The trip went great! We all had such a great time and the kids will remember this trip forever! It was so nice to have my mother and father in law with us! We were so happy to spend all this quality time together!

The kids got 25 character signatures! They LOVED meeting all of their favorites! We even got to meet Tinker Bell which I didn't know was possible! I got so many pictures but had trouble loading those so if you want to see them you will need to go to my facebook! I did however get to upload Michael and the twins pictures from Sears! They turned out so good! I just love the girl that takes their pictures and the kids love her too so that makes it even easier! And yes-before anyone asks-Kiersten is really that much taller than Kayleigh! You don't know how many times I get that question!

Well, I guess that is all for now! Hope all is going well with everyone else! Until next time,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All my news!

First off-I finally figured out what the rash is that is all over my legs and now getting on my arms. I guess I am having an allergic reaction to something-not sure what-and it is causing me to get the same atopic dermititus, otherwise known as eczema-just like Kayleigh. They gave me two different medications to try to take care of it but it is definitely making me drowsy so I am praying that tomorrow I can get up on time and do school with the kids and take care of 8 kids all day!

Second news, and very exciting I might add, Jon gets to go to Disney with us. We are all so excited about this. He does have to do some work while he is there but it is a small price to pay for him to have this vacation with us! He will be on leave from the 6th to the 20th of September and we leave the 8th to head to Florida! During this time I will also not be babysitting when we come back and the kids will be on leave from school so it will be nice to spend family time together with no early mornings once we are back!

So nothing else really new besides that! Things are going great with homeschooling! We are loving it! We made pinata's today that I am hoping stay together. If they don't we will be buying one to take to Shari and Erics next weekend for our Mexican fiesta! Well, I am going to head to bed since this medicine is making me very tired! Have a great night everyone and thanks so much for the prayers!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wow-has it really been almost a month???

I guess I have been so addicted to farm town that I have not had time to update my blog. Things have been going ok here! The kids started school on the 20th of last month and are doing great! There are days that I just can't believe how much they have learned in these last 3 1/2 weeks and I can't believe we are on our 4th week of school.

Justice is so cute! Part of the kids school is to learn different verses from Proverbs! Everytime we get to a new one a little while later in the day he comes up to me and tells me the song that he made up to remember the verse! He is so creative-gets it from his dad for sure! They are just doing so well being homeschooled I just don't know what took me so long to decide to do it! I don't think anything will make me want to go back to public school!

Well our big Disney trip is getting closer. A matter of fact a month from now we will be enjoying out second day there! The kids are so excited about it. The babies keep counting down the days-every morning and they never forget to tell me it is almost their birthday. I know that we are spending a lot of money for this trip and that it is considered Michael and the twins birthday gifts but I am still having a hard time not getting them lots of stuff for their birthday. We don't have the money and I really feel that this is good enough as long as we get them something small but I have never done this before so it makes me feel bad! Please be praying that Jon gets to go with us. He put in his leave form yesterday but it is not looking promising because they will be doing lots of training in September so he might be stuck here instead of having fun with us. I really wish he could go with us so please keep praying!

So Kayleigh got liquid stitches on her left eye last week. Michael accidently turned around really fast with a nerf gun not knowing that she was behind him and got her right in the eye. Michael felt so bad and was crying saying he is the worst brother in the world! Kayleigh did really well though and even though the meds they gave her didn't make her fall asleep like they were supposed to she layed there with eyes closed and let them do the work that they needed to. Now if I could just figure out why she is running a fever we would be good.

Alright, I am done for now! Can't remember what I have posted and haven't but that is life now in a nutshell!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not much time but wanted to update!

So Adrianna's test results all came back normal and the doctor thinks the swollen lymphnodes were from the mosquito bite on the back of her head! If they get any bigger I am to take her back in. Kiersten I think has an ear infection but of course there were no appointments at the clinic so I couldn't get her in. She keeps complaining but I am going to try stuff at home to make it better!

Adrianna had her 8 year pictures taken today. As always she did great! She loves the camera which is why I wished that Jody or Joy lived close by but the lady that does them here is great too and the kids love her! I am attaching a slide show of those pictures at the end. She also had her birthday party today and that went great. Almost everyone that we invited came minus a couple of friends that are really sick right now! She got so much nice stuff. Her room looks so different with all her tinker bell wall stickers and her new bookshelf we got her to put all her snowglobes and pretty things on. She also got a new rug but we haven't put that in her room yet! It is one that should take up most of her floor. I will add pictures from the party later after I get them on the computer!

Yesterday was interesting to say the least! We managed to go through a tornado without anyone in the neighborhood getting hurt but there is quite a bit of damage. We lost the part of our fence that is a privacy fence as did a lot of our neighbors. Jon had to go around the neighborhood to find pieces of it to put at least the bottom half back together so we could left Daisy outside without her running away. The neighbors across the street has a broken window and there are lots of building with missing siding. Most of the trampolines in the neighborhood are very damaged, including on that went from the backyard to the frontyard and into a window of a vehicle. That trampoline is now completely in pieces! We are just praising God that no one was hurt in all of this. Not sure I can say the same thing about the girls little play gym with slide. That thing is so hard to take apart but it ended up in pieces when it flew from the backyard into the road but I am still hoping we can get it back in one piece!

Tomorrow Justice gets baptized. I am so excited for him to take this next step of faith! He loves God so much and is not afraid to tell anyone! I just wish more people in this world had faith like him! They are supposed to take a picture for us and hopefully our friend shows up so she can take pictures too!

And then there is Monday! Our first day of school! I am getting more and more excited about teaching the kids and just wish that day would get here! Well, good night everyone and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Updates and fun

So I did get Adrianna into the AMIC clinic and they scared me to death. It turns out it is two very large and swollen lymphnodes. The doctor ordered bloodwork and wanted a CT Scan done. He was worried for many reasons but the CT Scan wouldn't get done until the next day. The next morning I went to the clinic and told them I didn't have an appointment but wanted to see her pediatrician. Dr. Olson agreed and told me there was no need for the CT Scan. It would only be to check for abcesses and she was sure Adrianna didn't have any. The bloodwork that came back did show that she didn't have cancer and that was the biggest concern so I am greatful to God for that. The doctor was very upset about how things were handled the night before. She also did more bloodwork, a chest xray and gave her antibiotics. We are not just waiting for the results from all the tests but I am not as worried as I was before we found out it wasn't cancer!

So Friday I took the kids to this place called Splash Pad. It is this place at a park where water comes up from the ground and out of tubes and the kids run around and play in it. They all had so much fun. It was nice to have a day out with the kids. Today we went to the library and I was disappointed because they didn't have any of the books that I need for the first two weeks of school. They are just books to further learn about the subjects we will be studying but it would be nice to have. I am going to try a few more things but we will have to wait and see!

So I am adding a slide show again with pictures from the 4th and from Splash Pad. Jon is still in the field and can't have his phone so I haven't heard from him. Kiersten keeps saying "daddy is in the field eating cookies". We made him cookies before he left to take with him and now Kiersten thinks that the only thing that Daddy does in the field is eat cookies! I can't wait to tell Jon. Anyway, I better get to other things. Hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Man to catch up once again

I am getting so bad at blogging! Sorry everyone-I promise to try to get better. Things have been crazy here as usual. I think I posted last time that Kiersten, Kayleigh and Justice all got pink eye and Kiersten was running fevers. Guess what-Kayleigh and Justice got rid of the pink eye but Kiersten still has that and the fevers so I have put a call in to her doctor yesterday and hoping to get a call back soon. I decided to try to let the fever go this time without an appointment but when it has been going on for 11 days I think it is probably time to do something besides Motrin and Tylenol. Oh yeah-maybe I should mention-I also woke up with pink eye this morning-fun times!

Jon left for the field today. He will be gone until the 17th. After this he will graduate. There is a chance he will have to leave right after that for 60 days somewhere but I am really praying he doesn't because then he will for sure miss our Disney trip. The only thing that might stop him from going is the fact they want him to have a passport and something else and he has neither. It has been a very long year for him so please keep him in your prayers as he finishes this up. All the stress has gotten to him a lot lately and I am hoping that he will feel less stressed when school is over with.

To add to everything, because you know things just can't be normal in our house, Adrianna came down last night and told us that her neck hurt. When we looked at it we noticed that where she was saying it hurt there were two lumps. Not sure what it is all about but of course the clinic has no appointments today so I am waiting to see if I can get her in to the AMEC clinic-can't call until 3pm though. I just hope it is from some kind of virus or something and nothing that is serious. I always worry too much and didn't get much sleep last night because I was thinking about it the whole time.

These kids are growing so fast it amazes me. Kayleigh and Kiersten talk so much now. Kiersten is so cute because she comes up to Jon and I and is always saying-You are my favorite mommy or daddy and her voice is so cute. This morning I told her she was such a big girl because she got herself dressed and she got a huge smile on her face, gave me a big hug and said-thank you mommy! Kayleigh is always right there to follow-copying every word. Of course I was taking a shower this morning and when I was rinsing my hair I had my eyes closed-when I was done I looked down and there was Kayleigh undressed and standing in the tub in front of me with a big smile on her face. She said she wanted to take a shower too but I find it so funny how she snuck in so quietly!

Adrianna is getting so excited about starting school. She keeps asking everyday if we can start now instead of the 20th. I keep telling her no-we have to wait-especially since I am still waiting for their school supplies to get here. That is so frustrating but supposedly they have shipped now. I just hope that she is able to do well with me teaching her. I know it isn't always going to be easy but I am very excited about it. I still have a few things that I have to buy but we are almost all set with everything.

The boys are the boys. They are actually enjoying the time they have been spending together this summer and have not yet killed one another. I don't think they have been arguing as much as they were the last few months and that is so nice. Now if I could get them to continue to keep their room clean it would be great. Justice thought he was going to be so good and clean their room all by himself without being asked the other day and I was like-awesome job. Then I figured out where all the stuff ended up-under the bed, in the closets but it was so funny because he thought he worked so hard on it----so hard at hiding it that is!!!

Ok-so I think that is enough for now! I have some stuff to get done before I take the kids up to the school for lunch! Hope everyone is doing great!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The last week or so

So this last bit of time has been ok I guess! VBS was awesome. I love seeing all those kids having so much fun and learning about God. I have never volunteered for VBS with such a large church before but it was great. There were almost 500 kids there and 109 asked Jesus into their hearts-amazing-God is so good!

Of course Wednesday was a crazy one (the week of VBS that is). I really was not feeling good and then around 2:15am I started feeling pressure on my face and got really dizzy-feeling like I was going to pass out. I also started feeling like someone was sitting on my chest which was making it hard to breath. As soon as Jon got home I went to the ER where I sat untl 3am. Of course they did all kinds of tests and all they could come up with was that I had vertigo. Not sure if that is it or not but oh well. I am still feeling sick to my stomach all the time and dizzy sometimes but I figure if they couldn't figure it out in the nine hours that I was in the ER then I will just deal with it because I don't have much confidence in the doctors figuring me out! And did I mention that I got home at 3am and then had to get up at 6am for another day of VBS???

Friday we left for my sisters house in Florida! We had so much fun visiting them. We were able to stay until Wednesday since Jon had to stay home. It was a great trip minus the colds and pink eye that we came home with. Kiersten also has been running fevers since Sunday morning. I have just been keeping the Motrin and Tylenol in her. I figure it is from the cold that she has and there is no point in sitting in the ER for hours for them to tell us that it is a virus and they will do nothing for her. Please just be praying that is all it is!

Ok-I am off of here to watch a movie with Jon now! I hope that everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life is crazy

Again I am slacking on the posts! Things have been crazy here! I have not been feeling well for awhile and not sure why. If it keeps up I am going to probably make me an appointment with the doctor but you all know how much time I have on my hands for that.

This last week was an ok one. Adrianna had her appointment with her psychologist and he went over her testing she had done with me. He said he went over it more than once and he really thinks-especially after the testing-that she has Aspergers Syndrome. For those that don't know what that is-it is a high functioning type of autism. I have two more papers to fill out and give to him and that will make his final decision but he thinks everything that he found out in the testing and the things that we knew from before all point to Aspergers. The crazy thing is we were not surprised. Before we moved from Germany a guy that Jon knows told Jon that he thought Adrianna had Aspergers. He has a son with it and Adrianna showed the same signs that his son did at her age. It will be a long road ahead of us but it is sooo good to finally have a diagnosis and to know how to go about teaching her things and helping her work through all of her problems.

On Friday my Fun Friday group came out to Linden Oaks since I haven't been able to go in awhile! We went to the neighborhood pool andhad so much fun. We were there 4 hours and I am pretty toasted! I am still not used to this NC sun but I am slowly learning it takes a very short time here before you burn. The kids all had sunblock on but Kayleigh ended up looking pretty bad-not because of the sun but we later found out we think it is from the chemicals in the pool. She has always had problems with her skin and this is the second time we have gone to the pool and the second time she has had this reaction with her skin. I guess next time we go I will give her a bath immediately after and see if that helps!

This has been a pretty good weekend. As soon as I get off of here I am going to make sure this house is sparkling clean because I won't have time to do much this week with VBS and then Friday I leave for Ericka's house! I think I may start rearranging the front room as well getting ready for school! We start on July 20th and all of us are looking forward to it. I hope that everyone has had a great week and that all the fathers out there have had a great Fathers day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer life

Kids are out of school and are so excited about that! It has been interesting getting used to having 8 kids in the house all day long. Michael especially likes having Shae here though. At least they all get along most of the time really well. Today is a dreary day though. It looks like it could rain at any time. Doesn't look promising to be able to go to the park today.

I have been really busy buying the curriculum for the school year. I have most of it all bought and can't wait for it to get here so I can start going over it all. The kids are getting all excited about it as well! I just need to get some school desks and things like that and we will be all set!

Can't wait for VBS next week. I am helping with it and it looks like it is going to be so much fun. The kids will be excited because they have Chatter at this one just like when we were in Germany. I even already bought the CD with the music and the kids are learning the songs already. Now just trying to figure out how I am going to get all 8 kids there!

The weekend after VBS we will be heading to Florida for my neices 1st birthday! I can't wait to go there and see them again even though they were just here. Other than that there really isn't anything new. I have been slow with the posts because it has been so busy. We did go camping this last weekend and had a lot of fun minus all of us getting eaten up and Jon getting poison ivy! Oh yeah-please be praying for Justice. He has been having trouble going pee and also has started peeing his pants which he hasn't done since he was 2. I ended up in the ER with him all day Sunday (well all day after church because it was after church that he mentioned that it hurt when he peed) and they have no answers except they think it may have to do with me stopping the Concerta he was taking for ADHD. It is supposed to be the type of medicine that you don't have to take everyday if you don't want to. Well, if it is the medicine then I definitely will not be giving that to him again!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So my last post

You sure can't tell that I copy and pasted that from somewhere else! Sorry for the repeat of some of the information! I was being lazy and didn't want to retype for other websites!

Our New Decision

I just thought I would get on here and let you all know a few things. Things are going pretty good here. My sister, Ericka, and her family were just here this past weekend and we had so much fun. Jon and Tom even got to work on Jon's Jeep and got all the electrical work done on it which is great so hopefully that can be up and running soon and we will have two vehicles instead of just one. Two vehicles would definitely make life a little easier.

Jon is in the field this week until Thursday. It isn't a very long field problem-it is just a matter of getting used to having him gone again since he hasn't left in almost a year. He will be done with school next month but then I guess there will be another three week thing he will have to do before actually being in a unit. He is not looking forward to that. It looks like he will not deploy until 6-9 months after he finishes school so that would be nice. We are definitely praying that if this is the case that he will be able to make our Disney Trip in September. We are so looking forward to that trip and it would be so nice if Jon could go with us. I even, after this next check, will have all the souviniers bought so that is a good feeling.

This week is the kids last week in school. Justice's class took a trip to our neighborhood pool all day yesterday and he had so much fun-not to mention that I didn't have to fight him to go to bed last night. Michael has been having a lot of issues with bullies this year and is really not enjoying school so he is ready to be done with it. This brings me to the next point. Please be praying for us because we are very seriously considering homeschooling this next year. I say seriously but I am pretty sure, after talking to Shari last night, that our decision is made and we will be doing it. Jon told me about a week ago that he really wants us to and after yesterday and talking to Michael's teacher I have come to the realization that I think we should as well. Shari is going to send me some stuff so I can "practice" and see if we can do it and we will go from there. I probably will start them in July like Shari is that way we can kind of be on the same page with some things if I have any questions. I just wish that the next few days would go by faster so I can let Jon know that I finally think we can do it. I also think that we will turn our front room into the school room. It is only used for the kids watching tv and has a futon in there for when we have guests so it would be the perfect room to change and make room for a school room. This way they will have no distractions and we will have a certain place to actually do school each day!

So that is the news from us! I will let you all know how it is going when we start it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sorry-been a little crazy!

So it has been crazy busy around here! We have been having lots of fun! My sister Ericka and her family came this weekend and just left this morning. It was so much fun spending time with them but we were doing so much that I forgot to take any pictures so I am going to have to take some when we go to Florida in a couple weeks for my neices 1st birthday party.

Jon also left this morning for the field. He will be back on Thursday. I know it isn't that long but this is the first time that he has gone since he started school so it will be the first time we are without him here and it makes me a little nervous but I am sure we can do it!

Friday will be our 10 year anniversary! I am so excited. We will be spending it camping with the kids. Adrianna has her American Heritage Girls Campout this weekend so we will be doing that!

Things are going well besides all this! Adrianna is going to be upset because I can't find her library book and they were due today. Hope everyone has had a great time lately!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our fun camping weekend

So we did have so much fun camping. The kids did very well minus a few of Adrianna's meltdowns but we are good. I am going to be busy today getting this house clean again. It always gets so messy right after a trip. It will take awhile because Daisy also has a vet appointment and then Adrianna has her end of year party for AHG tonight but I am going to be working at it until then!

I haven't had a chance to load the pictures on here at the moment but I am sure I have a few good ones to post when I do get to it! Right now I am wondering why Kayleigh and Kiersten keep fighting with eachother this morning. I heard of sibling rivalry but this morning is ridiculous! They each have two wood puzzles that are new and they are fighting over the same ones which is driving me crazy but then they start hitting and agghhhh---you get the picture!

Well, I am off to start the day. Hope that everyone had a great weekend and I will update soon with the pictures!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pics from Memorial Weekend

Just wanted to post some pictures from our Memorial weekend! Hope that everyone has had a great day!

What a great weekend!

We had another great weekend! It was so much fun to spend time with our family and neighbors! We went to one neighbors house on Saturday night for poker night and had a BBQ! We ended up eating steaks instead of ribs because the ribs got burned up some how but I love steak too so it was no big deal! I ended up being the first one out which is usually how it goes but I just love to have fun and play. I never would of thought that Jon's poker set would get as much use as it does but I am glad that he enjoys it!

Sunday was a great day at church. They did a very neat dance thing with some students that were graduating from the Dance school that they have at the church. It was very well done and neat to watch. After church we came home and had lunch and cleaned the house up since the kids had a lot of stuff around.

Yesterday, Jon let me sleep in. Too bad I couldn't fall back asleep after he left the room but it is the thought that counts. I ended up getting up and getting dressed and then folding some laundry in the room before I came out. Our neighbors came over for a BBQ at our house which was really good. Jon made these steaks that literally melted in your mouth. I never tasted anything like it---it was so good. We had so much food that we shouldn't have to make anything for the next two days! We just had a fun time hanging out and then got the kids ready for bed. I did stay up and watch Jon and Kate plus 8! I feel so bad for them and I hope that they can work things out-even if it means they quit the show. I didn't realize until recently that they were married the same day Jon and I were. That means they should be getting ready to celebrate their 10 year anniversary-not going through this stuff. Sometimes I hate the media! Anyway, enough about that.

Today I have to take Kayleigh into the doctor. She has to have a check up on her ears. I am hoping everything is cleared up for her. I know this last ear infection was a nasty one. Her ears seem to be doing ok now though so I am glad about that but we will know for sure when she gets done with her appointment.

This weekend we are going camping with Michael's cubscout group. Should be a lot of fun! Oh-I forgot to mention that Friday night we slept out in the tent. It was a lot of fun. It was frustrating to try to get the kids to go to sleep but still was fun. Then Saturday morning my neighbor came and took the kids over to her house for pancakes so Jon and I could still sleep. When I got out of the tent to go in and take a shower she was walking down the road with them (all 7 kids) all dressed and heading to the park! She is so sweet and the kids had so much fun!

Well, I hope that everyone had a great weekend and has a great day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Woo-Hoo! It is the weekend!

I am so excited that it is the weekend! We are going to go to some friends house tomorrow night for a bbq and poker night and then on Monday night we are having friends over here for another bbq! It is so nice to have great friends around and I am going to be so disappointed when one family moves this summer! I am so sad about that!

My Grandma got home safely yesterday-s greatful for that! Also I am very excited to report that My step dad got the job with Harley Davidson. He will be their Senior Engineer Tech or something like that! That means that my mom and he will be moving to Arizona in the next couple months! Not too excited that they are going to be even farther away but so excited for him because this is his ideal job and he got it! He is so awesome and God is so great!

Please be praying fr my sister in law today. She is having surgery today to remove a fatty tumor from her back and they have to have it tested because the tumor has grown so fast there is a chance that she may have a very bad form of cancer! I will update on that when I get a chance. Her name is Dawn! Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sad Morning..

So we were all sad this morning because it was time for my Grandma to start heading back to Oklahoma. We took some pictures and then I walked the kids to school. When I got back it was time to say goodbye. I tried not to cry but I did. I am going to miss her but am so glad that she got to come and visit with us for awhile. We got to play lots of skip bo and she even made me my favorite Coconut Cream Pie! I still have one piece left that I will be slowly enjoying today.

Michael is so upset that she had to go-everyone is but he really really enjoyed having her here. He loved getting that time with her and she even helped him study his states that he is taking a test on tomorrow so that one on one time ment alot to him. I did finally get the pictures on the computer and will be adding them on here.

Other than the trip nothing is really new here. I have another cold. I keep getting them and am wondering if it is more allergies than colds but not sure yet. I am getting anxious for school to be out for the summer. I want to be able to do more fun stuff with the kids. The pool opens this weekend and we are planning on taking the kids up there and having fun-probably Saturday---praying it will be warm.

Well, I guess that is it for now. Update more later when I am not so tired!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IT has been a week!

Ok-sorry it has been awhile since I posted! My Grandma has been here and I don't want to miss any time with her. She was supposed to leave this morning but I managed to talk her into staying one more day so I am very excited about that! So this last week nothing much new has gone on. I have just been playing lots of skip bo and eating lots of good Coconut Cream Pie!

Just so you know I got a big disappointment this morning. I got the girls up and went to pick out their clothes and they got very upset because one wanted to wear one shirt and one wanted to wear another. I decided instead of fighting with them on what shirt they would wear I would let them where what they want. It is driving me crazy looking at them in two different shirts but I better get over it. They have two different personalities and I knew it would come soon. I really shouldn't be so OCD about it but I am-what can I say.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is having a great week and I will update with pictures later!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a great Birthday!!!

So today was a great birthday! First off, having my Grandma here is awesome! That makes my birthday great to begin with but then she watched the kids for us so Jon could take me out! We went to a great Japanese Restaurant called Miyabi's! I love this restaurant and then after dinner he took me to get Ice Cream! Well, I think it has been the best birthday in a long time! Well, I am off to bed now! Nothing could top this day! Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a weekend!

So we had a great weekend! It was nice for the most part with some storms-considering we had storm watches for 8 days straight! It is so nice just to spend time with my family. I bought a sprinkler at a rummage sale for the kids and they loved going and playing in that. I also got Adrianna her bedding for her room and some other stuff that we needed for the house!

Oh yeah--I forgot to add this on here! I was weight and measured at Curves the other day and was so excited! I am finally under 180 lbs. In one month I have lost 2 1/2 lbs, 2 1/2 inches and .9% body fat! It feels so good to get results. I even had someone tell me this past weekend that they can tell that I have lost some weight.

My Mothers Day has gone good. Jon made me breakfast this morning. The kids made me some pretty cool gifts! Justice's teacher traced Justice's face on a side profile and made a magnet out of it so it looked like his shade---it is awesome! Michael made me a magnet as well and it looks pretty cool. Adrianna made me a necklace that has her picture in it and I love that! They also made me lots of pictures and cards and sang songs to me! Kayleigh and Kiersten told me about a thousand times today-Happy Mothers Day!

Well, I hope that everyone else out there that are Mothers had a great day! I will update again soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning

So I am back to my spring cleaning! I have decided to concentrate on the kids rooms. I got all the girls rooms done and am working on the boys room but taking a short break to eat some lunch! I get so frustrated with those boys because when I ask them to clean their room they refuse to do it and then when they do do it everything is where it doesn't belong! I was shocked at the amount of dirty clothes that I found in their dresser drawers-especially after I just got done with laundry!

I am excited that my Grandma will be here in five days! I am so happy that she is coming to see me! I just can't wait to sit down and play skip-bo with her and just visit and everything. I will have to keep a close eye on the dog though because being a puppy she loves to jump on people and we are trying to teach her not to. She is just getting so big and I want to make sure she doesn't try to jump on my Grandma and hurt her.

Something really quick before I go. Jon was talking to this girl that was in his language class about God and trying to witness to her but he didn't think anything got through. Well, yesterday she was at the prejump they had to go to (but the jump got cancelled due to weather again) and she came up to him and told him that she had been thinking alot about it lately. They didn't get anytime tp really discuss it due to Jumpmasters wanting their attention but please pray that he is able to witness to her and she can see the truth about a relationship with God!

Well, gotta go finish! I have a lot to do today and then I have to head to church for VBS training! I decided that I am going to help out with that again this year! Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a long day!

And I tell you it didn't start out very well! I woke up, took my shower and got all the kids up to go to school. When I came downstairs and opened the shades I noticed it was pretty dark. I turned on the weather while I was doing all the girls hair and noticed we had a nasty storm headed our way so I wanted to try our hardest to get the kids to school and get me and both sets of twins back here before it stormed. Just my luck-just before we opened the door to leave it started POORING! We were drenched before we even got to the corner (and we live on the corner)! I got about half way to the school and a lady that is a mom of a girl in Adrianna's class stopped and asked if she could give us a ride. I asked her if she could just take the three older ones to school and she said sure! Oh yeah-did I mention the fact that I did all of this with no stroller or umbrella since both were in the car??? So after getting the three loaded in the car both sets of twins and I turned around and went home. I then had to walk over to the girls house and get them new clothes and change all of us again! From there my other neighbor drove me to base so I could get my van and be able to go to Kayleighs doctor appointment!

Babysitting went pretty good today! All four girls played nicely and they have been having fun playing on the girls bunk bed! They love having the bunk bed in their room for some reason. Kiersten did fall off the top bunk once but not while sleeping-they were just playing and I think she slipped on the ladder or something but didn't get hurt. The girls did go home earlier today than usual and then I took my girls to Kayleigh's appointment. It went well. The doctor said she still has pus in her ear and the tube is gone but hopefully in a few days it will be totally cleared up and they want to see her again in two weeks to make sure it is gone! She seems to be doing better and when I cleaned her ears out tonight they were not as bad.

This evening we went to watch Jon play Rugby. I left the kids with him while I went to work out at Curves and then went back and we watched as he played. Needless to say every since child of mine had to have showers/baths when we came home because they were all so dirty from playing on the field. It was so wet out there from all the rain today but we got the kids all washed up and in bed in I think record time!

So now I sit here in quiet---ahhhh---typing and watching Dancing with the Stars! I am hoping to get some more of the spring cleaning done tomorrow! I think I will work on the upstairs and maybe go through my closet and get rid of some clothes that I don't need anymore! Hoping that soon I can by more clothes that are smaller! I weighted myself at Curves last night and I am finally under 180 lbs!

Well, I hope that everyone has a great night!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Man I need a vacation

Or maybe just a visit from my Grandma! I talked to my Grandma last night and she is going to be here next week for my birthday! I am sooo excited about this! I am very close with my Grandma and Mom! When one of us is told something it goes to the other---we are like best friends! I just can't wait to show her our new place and to play some Skipbo.

Well, about the only thing new here is that instead of going to church yesterday Kayleigh decided she wanted to be next on the ER trips! She has another ear infection and this one is really nasty! She also has a yeast infection so we got some meds for that! I really hated being in the ER with this whole swine flu stuff going on but I knew she needed to be seen considering the nasty stuff coming out of her ear and I was afraid that her ear drum might have blown. Turns out her tube is no longer in that ear and the one in the right ear is almost out. They should of been out a long time ago but I am not happy with the fact that now that it is gone she is getting infections already! Looks like another surgery may be in her future for more tubes if this keeps up!

Well, I am off to go and pick up around here while both sets of twins are upstairs playing! Fun times let me tell ya! Gotta do the Spring cleaning this week so that adds more to it!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So it has been crazy

Alot has happened since Friday when I posted. I started babysitting my neighbors twins and that is going well. Today especially went good. Jon ended up having to work late and so did my neighbor so I ended up taking all 7 kids to the neighborhood center by myself for the free pizza and hot dog dinner. I have to say I was so nervous but all 7 of the kids were on their best behavior and they did awesome! I was very impressed with them and because they did so well we came home and they got to go swimming in the backyard!

So yesterday didn't go as planned at all. We started it off with taking Adrianna to the hospital. She woke up and was shaking, and every time she moved her face and stomach hurt not to mention that her temp was only 96. I called Jon and he ended up coming home dispite the fact that if he misses 8 hours of class he has to start over. THe good thing is they took her back right away. Turns out she is dehydrated again and they were worried it may have something to do with her appendix. I think it is just the dehydration though because she is doing much better today. She is being forcefed water though and will be for awhile.

This evening I got a call from my mom telling my that my Great Uncle had just passed away. I am sad but so greatful that I was able to see him this past summer when I was home. He was battling lukemia for a long time and there was nothing more that they could do. I wish I could be home right now but am praying for all of them!

I also found out two days ago that after my Grandma gets done in Michigan she is going to take a trip down here to see me! I am sooo excited to be able to see her again. I think it will be the best Birthday Present ever if she is here for that! I am praying that she has safe travels---she already got there safely just praying for a safe trip for the rest of the time she is traveling.

Please also pray for my step dad. He just passed his first part of his interview for a new job and is on to the second part! I am so excited for him because this would be the perfect job!

Ok that is it for now! I am adding a slideshow on here of some pictures that I have taken recently! Enjoy and have a great evening!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Not much to post today! I do have to say though that the weather is BEAUTIFUL! We are taking the twins to their play group this morning and it is the perfect day for it to be at the park! I can't wait to get them out and let them have some fresh air! They are so excited to go to play-they have been talking about it all morning!

The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous! I am thinking we will be outside almost all weekend! I better figure out where I put the sun block! Saturday we may go to our first Fayetteville Guard game because it will be free for us but we will see! Anyway, better go and get the girls ready! I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break!

So we have had a pretty good Spring Break! The kids have been ok! There have been a lot of arguing between the older three because they were "bored" but other than that they had fun! One day we did a picnic in the front yard and they really liked that. They have enjoyed just laying around and being lazy.

Things other than that have been pretty good. We are trying to adjust to yet another new schedule since Jon's has changed once again. It is making things really difficult with everything that I need to do as well. We are now going to have a lot more days of getting up early in the morning so I can have the van. I sure can't wait until Jon gets another vehicle or gets his Jeep up and running.

Not this coming week but the next I am going to start watching my new neighbors twin girls! They are so cute and I am hoping that my twins have fun playing during the day with her twins! It will make for some long days because they will get to the house around 6 am and not leave until around 7 pm but should but ok!

Well, other than that no new news here! Not looking forward to getting up early in the morning but it will be fine-just getting into the same ol schedule again! Hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter

So Easter went well. The kids looked so cute dressed up. I sooo love the hair bows that one of my neighbors made for the girls! Of course getting a good picture of the kids together is another story! We did an Easter Egg hung after church again-our third one three days in a row. The kids had so much fun! We even used some of our dogs holes that she dug to hide the eggs in. We do however have an egg hiding out in the yard somewhere that we can't find!!!

Haven't posted much because I no longer have a computer. My dog spilled my Sprite can and Michael didn't notice that the Sprite went under the computer so he just picked up the can. I was upstairs at the time giving the girls their bath and putting them to bed so it was awhile before I came down and noticed that my computer no longer worked and why. I am upset about it because just before I went upstairs I added new pictures from my camera to the computer and deleted them before I found out the computer didn't work anymore so now if I can't save them I lost them but at least recently I took all the rest of the pictures and put them on disks. So needless to say I have been using Jon's computer so we have to share and I can't be on as much as I would like to be.

Hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend. The kids have Spring Break this week so they are going crazy with nothing to do-especially since the weather hasn't been too nice and today it is nice but very wet out! I had to cancel my dental appointment for Friday since my babysitters are all out of state and Jon can't get out of work. Too bad-I guess my last three fillings have to wait awhile. My mouth still hurts from the last ones anyway which probably means the root canal is definitely in my near future! Well, I better go and get the kids finished with lunch and the babies down for their naps! I can't wait for a little quiet-I might just send the older three outside! Enjoy the pictures!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

So tired

So the week has definitely been busy! We have had our fair share of appointments this week but nothing too bad. I will say though that my mouth is killing me. Saturday I went and had four of my seven fillings put in my mouth Not fun ever but when you are going through it fine and not feeling a thing and then all of the sudden you get this sharp shooting pain in your face it is no fun. I almost jumped off the chair and threw the dentists hands away from my face it hurt so bad. He asked the assistant for something-not sure what and then after putting that in my mouth things were fine again. When he was done he told me the reason that I had the pain all the sudden is because they were too close to my nerve. One of my cavities was very deep and that there is a good chance I will need a root canal if my mouth won't heal itself. Well, the first day my mouth was sensitive but then got better. Now all of the sudden anything cold in my mouth hurts and that makes me nervous because I would rather not have a root canal if I can help it!

So I can't remember much about the week. It has all gone by and I am so tired everything is a blur except today. Well, I got a call so I had to go around the block to see the beautiful bows that one of the neighbors are making for the girls for Easter. Well, Jon was working on his Jeep which is right by the backyard where the kids were. Everytime he looked up at the girls they were on their climbing toy that has a slide on it with their back to him playing. Well, Kiersten said-Daddy look and when he did the girls were covered in ketchup. They must of went inside and got the container of it and then started playing with it on the slide and toy. They were covered in it and must of also been eating it-they looked like clowns! We had to hose down the climbing toy and then give the girls a bath. All I can say is at least they took it outside and didn't make the mess in the house!

Lately if you ask Kayleigh if she is a pretty girl, or whinny, or tired anything she will get a mad look on her face and say "No I am not (fill in the blank), I am Kayleigh!!! We laugh so hard! Then tonight when I was telling family about it on the phone Kiersten said "I am a pretty girl". Then Kayleigh looked at Kiersten and said "No, you are not a pretty girl you are Kirten!" She was very serious about it too! It is just so funny when she does this!

Well, I think this is it for today! I am so so tired and need to get to bed! The kids have one more day of school and then they will be on Spring Break!!! I am so looking forward to sleeping in some mornings! Have a great night every one!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Man I have been slacking....

It seems I keep going days without posting anything! Sorry-life has been crazy this week! Nothing but appointments as usual! Monday and Tuesday Adrianna had her psychiatrist and therapy appointments and she seems to be doing well! I really think that the therapy is helping her adjust to things better which is good but her attitude still gets WAY out of hand sometimes and that drives me crazy!

Justice had his dentist appointment on Tuesday. His problems in his mouth have been being caused by his medication because he can't swallow the medication sometimes right away he just holds it in his mouth which in turn gave him the problems with his gums. If he keeps doing that then I need to switch his medication!

Kayleigh and Kiersten had their dentist appointments yesterday. Kayleigh LOVED it! Let me just say I have NEVER been to a dentist office like this one! It is really cool for the kids! They brought so much stuff home. Kayleigh did well having her teeth checked-she let the dentist look at and clean her teeth. Her teeth are very good. Kiersten, of course, on the other hand did not like it. She liked it until it until it was her turn that is. She of course didn't want the dentist to touch her mouth. She does have some issues that are caused by her thumb always being in her mouth. We have to try to stop that at least before 6 years old! She also HATED the floride on her teeth. She kept gagging and trying to spit the taste out of her mouth. She kept saying she didn't like it and she wanted water. Hoping that next time it is a little easier!!!

My dentist appointment was today and let me say that I didn't like it either. I got a nice deep cleaning! I knew what was coming though----FIVE CAVITIES!!! I knew about four of them. They told me in Germany that I had four cavities but I would of had to go off base to have them filled and that would of cost me a fortune!!! Now I have five that have to be taken care of and I will start that tomorrow!!! Not looking forward to that wonderful start to my weekend but if I don't get it done quick it might end up being a root canel and I definately do not want that!

Well, this weekend it is going to be the norm. Friends over tomorrow-church on Sunday-all the fun weekend stuff-minus the dentist tomorrow!!! Hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend in Review

So we had a pretty good weekend dispite the weather! Everyone knows how I hate tornado's and I get teased a lot about my weather machine but I am so glad I have one! It seems like here in NC the storms like to happen at night and on Friday we had tornado's not far from here. We had a movie night with the kids on Friday night! We watched Beverly Hills Chahuahua. The kids really liked the movie. I didn't like that we had to wait until 9pm to start the movie because Jon took Justice and Kayleigh on their special day and didn't get back until then but that is life. That means the kids were up until 11pm but Jon said-don't worry that just means they will sleep in tomorrow! Yeah right-my kids sleep in-I don't think they have it in them!

Saturday was another stormy, rainy day. We did manage to get in a good morning though without the rain which was perfect for our plans! We took the kids to the Art Museum because Adrianna needed to go there for her American Heritage Girls. We had fun looking at the very small museum-perfect size for my kids though. Afterwards we went outside and the kids did a craft. They had a lot of fun picking out their sticks and making it. When the crafts were done we fed the ducks. The museum has a Duck Pond on the property so it was fun to do that. Kayleigh kept throwing the bread at the ducks when their heads were turned. The twins were not too fond of the Geese though-they were too big for them I think! I think I got some good pictures but they are not on my computer yet. As soon as we got done feeding the ducks we got to the van and when the doors closed it literally started pooring! I looked at Jon and said-we couldn't of planned that more perfect!

From then we went home and gave the girls their naps and as soon as they woke up we went to Bud and Kristen's for our weekend dinner and poker night. We had a bar-b-que dispite the weather! It was really good. I have to say I didn't win this week but Jon did so I guess that was good.

Sunday was pretty good. We went to church and then out to eat at a Chinese Buffett! It was pretty good but I have to say challenging. Now that the girls are potty training it is not very easy to get a meal in when you have to take them to the bathroom so many times. Not to mention the mess they made with the ice cream but it was fun none the less! When we went home we had a relaxing day watching TV and then in the evening we took the kids out back to play It is fun to play games as a family. While out there we met our new neighbor. Her husband and kids are not here yet (she is the one in the military). Guess what though--------she has 4 yr old twin girls!!! I may help her out and babysit for her when the girls get here-the girls get here in two weeks and then her son who is 7 comes in June when he gets out of school!

Anyway, I made a dentist appointment for Justice tomorrow morning. Friday he showed us his gums and it looked like something was eating a way at them. I think it may be his medication because he has trouble swallowing his pills and holds it in his mouth. The reason that I think this is because he didn't have his medication this weekend and it is getting better but we will make sure of that tomorrow morning! I also am going to set up some appointments for the other kids as well when I am there tomorrow! They all could use a cleaning!

Well, that is all for now! Hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend and I will update more soon!

Friday, March 27, 2009

What a week!

Sorry I haven't been on to post. I have been so busy this past week and seems like I just haven't stopped! Justice had his first therapy appointment this week and she told him some different things that she wants to try to make sure that he does better in school. I am hoping that it helps him but we will see. The therapist seems really nice though.

Let em say I am fed up with a teacher at the kids school and I don't even know her name. Going to cut it down a little to save on time but last Friday Jon went to get the kids from school and Michael forgot his book-this teacher wouldn't let him go get it-said he couldn't go by himself so he went and got Jon (let me just say that when any of my kids forget things I go in with no problem). When Jon walked up to the door this teacher said that she told Michael that she would take him in a few minutes which we knew was a lie because he wouldn't of went back to Jon. Then she wouldn't let Jon in. Justice dropped a lolly pop and she picked it up and said oh who lost this. He said him and she started holding it up like he was lying and wouldn't give it to him. She kept going higher and higher in the air but Justice finally jumped and got it from her. Needless to say Jon took the kids from the school without getting Michael's book. Then yesterday Michael forgot his book again and he was following his teacher into the school and I was a little behind-since I had the other four kids. This same teacher asked Michael with a really snotty attitude where he thought he was going. He said he forgot his book and she said-again-this is becoming an every other day thing (mind you still with the snotty attitude). I turned and said-as long as he remembers it before we get home he is fine. I wanted to say a lot more and next time she opens her mouth I am going to. When we mentioned that we wanted a meeting to the Principal because of this teacher she said-she has an open door policy but she can't garantee that we are going to like what she has to say. Jon has decided that he is going to fill out an ICE card. It is a comment card that is for all military things and goes high up-to the General if there are problems. My thought is if this lady doesn't like her job she needs to find a new one. We are going to take this farther and she better hope that she doesn't open her mouth again to my kids!

Last night I went to a Tupperware party. I think I may do a party but I don't know a lot of people here. It was nice to meet some of my neighbors. I hope I can meet more around here that are nice!

Well, yesterday Kiersten woke me up at 4:30am. I heard an awful noise but she wasn't on her bed so I thought maybe she was having a seizure and ran to her room. She was laying on the floor on her back and was getting sick-choking because she wasn't rolling over. She was also running a high fever so I woke up Jon and told him that I was taking her to the ER. I got there a little after 5 and stayed until 7:30am. I ended up calling the clinic and got her an appointment there instead. When I left there were still people sitting there that had been there since 11pm and they had very sick kids so I knew the ER would take forever. When I took her to the doctor they said she had the bad cold that was going around that was causing fevers and she probably would have a fever for around 3 days and because she did a urine sample we found out she is very dehydrated. We are just praying we can get her hydrated and that the fevers do not cause her to have any seizures. She seems to be doing better today so that is a good sign although she didn't wet the bed last night and I think that is more from the dehydration then from her being potty trained. And now-Michael has the low grade fever-we will see where that goes.

Jon took his test today for Thai-the last one. He was supposed to do it on Wednesday but that didn't work because the building had a gas leak in it. Jon thinks he did pretty good so we just have to wait until next week to get the results. I can't wait until he is done with this part of his schooling and am still praying that the last part goes well!

Ok-I think that is it for now! Hope that everyone has a great weekend and stays healthy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our weekend!

So we had a pretty good weekend! We had friends over Friday and had our first bar-b-que of the season (at home anyway). I LOVE bar-b-que and it was so fun. We had our poker night that night instead of Saturday and I finally won! I was so excited. Saturday we had Krispy Kremes for breakfast-so good! We had such beautiful weather we just hung out at home and played outside with the kids. We have the backyard totally cleaned from any old leaves or pinecones (there were so may pinecones). We also bar-b-qued again on Saturday-I love this weather!

Sunday we got up and went to church and then back to that restaurant I told you about were kids eat free on Sundays. We are praying they keep that up. They are thinking about stopping it because someone brought in a whole daycare I guess so they are thinking about not doing it anymore or making it one kid per adult and that wouldn't help us much. We came home and did a few things and then took the kids to a park and played for a little while. After that it was home and the girls got their special treat for not having any accidents. We even took them to church in underwear and had no accidents-looks like the potty training is looking up! Now if we can get them to not have accidents when they are sleeping we could say goodbye to pull ups!

Right now I am just sitting here watching the girls watch Little Einsteins. They really like this show and get into it. The other kids would just sit and watch shows like this when they were little but these two actually do what the characters tell them to-it is so cute! Well, I guess I should start getting some stuff done around here! There is a lot to do today! Hope that everyone has a great day!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Took Justice for 6 yr pictures!

So I took Justice today to get his 6 year pictures done. Before we left I told him that he could pick out anything that he wanted to take and have in his pictures (crossing my fingers it wasn't anything ugly or too big). So he picked his new remote control car, his two webkinz and his Bible! How many kids pick there Bible for pictures. Did I not say that I think he is going to do some great work for God when he gets bigger-he keeps adding to my belief of that!

The girl that took his pictures is awesome. She took our family pictures and I asked her at that time if she would always do the pictures when I come in there and she agreed! She really gets the smiles from the kids and she just LOVES Justice. I think she did a great job with him. Justice picked the backgrounds and I think that he did an awesome job. I just wanted to share them with you all.

Jody-the photographer and I was also talking about props-I told her about when Justice was 9 months he was so upset in his pictures that finally I went to the waiting room where they had a card board box with some toys in it. I emptied the box and brought it back to the room and took his pictures in it and those were my favorite from that time. She told me that her favorite prop that any parent had every brought in was a roll of toliet paper. She had some small boys and they did a bathroom theme and wrapped the toliet paper all around them and it was so cute. I thought it was such a cute idea I would pass it on to you since you are such a great photographer thought you might like it to when you take pictures of little ones!

Well, I am off to relax-enjoy the pictures! Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Some answers but now more confused!

So after fighting with the insurance company all day yesterday and this morning and still getting no where-they told me that they will not cover that type of testing with that code-not sure what it all ment but they said they told the place that is doing the testing on Adrianna that and they were supposed to call me but when I asked them they said they never called them. I called Mason and Associates and told them that and they put the psychiatrist on the phone to talk to me. He told me that he is just as frustrated but weither he got paid or not he would go ahead and do the testing today. She was more important than the money to him and that just made me cry. He is an awesome doctor that really cares about his patients. Well, we will know more in a little over two weeks when all the tests are done but he doesn't think she has any form of autism. There is one test that showed she has a high probability of it but he wants to look at everything more closely. He does however think she may be bi-polar a little but he doesn't want to judge right now. He also thinks that she does have an anxiety disorder and emotional issues. But here is the real shocker! She is considered to have superior intellegence. Her IQ on this test is 111. He said the test he did with her is harder to get a higher IQ but she did so on other tests her IQ would even be higher. So now she says she is smarter than Michael-but I told her that Michael has never been tested so she doesn't even know that! Just wanted to say thanks for the prayers and please keep praying that they do get this diagnosis correct and can help her! Alright-have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who would of thought!

So I know that this may be a silly thing to post a bulletin about but some of you may have a budding little artist just like me (mine is Kayleigh) and may not have known this. So as I said-Kayleigh is my little artist but instead of keeping her art on paper so LOVES to color on the walls. I get so upset with the older kids if they leave any kind of anything that can be used for writing out because Kayleigh WILL find it and start on my walls. She completely covered the upstairs hallway, the walls going down the stairs and some of the front room. I have been so frustrated about it but didn't want to deal with the mess that the magic erasers make-not to mention the paint that they take off. Well, someone told me about using the bathroom cleaner scrubbing bubbles!!! IT IS THE BEST!!! It only took me an hour to get all the stuff off the walls. The easiest to take off was the marker (I am so glad that most of the mess on the walls upstairs was marker), then pencil, then crayon and last but not least pen. The pen took a little bit of elbow grease but it finally came off. I used one of those scrubby things that you get for washing dishes (they are orange and yellow) and it took the stuff right off with no mess and the paint is still on the wall. Oh yeah it also took off the greasy mess from the chapstick that Kayleigh tried to paint with. I mean to tell you-she used all that I mentioned to do her artwork and now you would never know! So it worked so well I decided to post the bulletin so other stressed out mommies or daddies can know about it just in case!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to being frustrated

So I was all ready for Friday and the finishing of Adrianna's testing but we may have to cancel. TRICARE has still not approved the rest of the testing and until they do we can't go any further. They usually want the school to do the rest of the testing (because they don't have to pay for it) but the school refuses to do it. I told them that when the place called me today and they told me not to cancel the appointment yet and they will continue to see what they can do but I may have to cancel it tomorrow! Please pray that this works out that she can get it done tomorrow! We really need these answers for her. I will update when I know more!

Today was an ok day. I am still not 100% so I took it easy. I missed another workout though so that frustrated me. We did get the backyard all cleaned up though and then went grocery shopping when Jon got home. When we came home from there it was Ice Cream Time! The kids loved that. Then it was baths and bed. Now I am sitting here waiting for American Idol to come on!

Anyway, I think I am going to go and relax! Hope that everyone has had a great day and I will update later!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Fun Weekend!

While our weekend was very busy it was so much fun! Friday I thought I was going to go crazy with everything I had to do. I took Jon to work, the kids to school then ran to Walmart to get the last few gifts that I needed and then off to Fun Friday playgroup. The girls got to do some Yoga-they did some of it and other parts they just looked at the other people. We left right after that and went home and wrapped the last of the gifts then it was lunch and off to take cupcakes up to the school. After school got out we took the dog to the neighbors and went to get Jon. Then we were off to Eric and Shari's for Jordan's birthday. When we got there we had great cake and then we went to see Bedtime Stories at the movie theater.

Then on to Saturday-we got up and ate donuts and then went to Walmart to get Jon a jacket-it was really cold and he forgot one. Then we went to Shari and Erics to open Justice's gifts and make a plan for the day. The original plan was to go to a place called celebration Station but it was an outdoor place for the most part and that doesn't mix well with the rain! Justice and the rest of the kids kept asking where we were going to go and we kept telling them it was a surprise-only because we didn't know ourselves! We decided to go to CiCi's Pizza for lunch and cake and then we went to a place called Funnigans. The kids had sooo much fun. Justice said it was his best birthday ever. I didn't even have a party and he had so much fun! I guess it probably seemed like a party though since he had presents and cake and there were other kids around! When we left Funnigans it was back home and to bed-I was so tired!

Today we went to church and then to a restaurant we have never been to before. This family from our church told us about a place that you could go to on Sundays and every Sunday the kids would eat FREE! Now FREE for us is a big deal with so many kids-Jody I wish you had a place like this around you-I know you would appreciate it also! It was really good food and we only spent $12 including the food and drinks-not alot for 7 people! The kids had a pizza buffet and Jon and I had Grinders and frys! I can't wait to go next week and try something new!

After we came home I took a nap because I wasn't feeling very well-not from the food though. I got to sleep for two hours which was nice. Jon went and got some stuff from the grocery store for dinner and made it. Now I am definitely ready for bed. I do want to add a slideshow of pictures from the weekend! Hope everyone elses weekend went well! Have a great night!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting to the end of the week

Aggghhh-somehow I just erased all that I wrote so here I am starting over! Yesterday was a VERY LONG DAY! We had to get up early so I could have the van today. We were then rushing around trying to get the kids to school on time. Michael is taking the Terra Nova testing this week. I am sure that he will do fine as long as he concentrates-when he trys to rush through his work he gets a lot wrong but when he takes his time and does it right he gets it all correct.

After I got the kids to school I can home with the girls played with them for a little bit and then got them some lunch. Right after lunch it was back up to the school to get the kids so I could take Adrianna to her testing. I had to take all of the kids with me this time because I didn't have anyone to watch them. Luckily about an hour into the testing someone dropped Jon off so he took the kids to the van and they watched movies in there. The testing took a little over two hours and then we were off again. We stopped and got the kids dinner and they all ate in the Curves parking lot so I could work out. I love going and getting that half hour of time for me and I really hope that I am able to lose some weight from this!

After working out at Curves we rushed home only to be there five minutes before I had to leave and go to church. I finally got home just before 10pm and believe me I was ready for bed and then dragging today.

Jon got to jump yesterday but ended up hurting his tailbone. He didn't tell anyone but it is hurting him alot and I am hoping that he will go to the doctors if it continues. I haven't heard from him yet today so I am not sure how he is feeling but this morning he was hurting.

Today after I go and get the kids from school we will finish up homework and then I am going to start packing. Tomorrow we are heading to Shari and Erics. They live about two hours away and Michael will be staying the night with them for Jordan's birthday. Saturday we are going to go somewhere fun for Justice's birthday. It all depends on the weather on what we do though because where we were originally going may not work with the weather that we are supposed to get. I just hope that he enjoys his 6th birthday!

I think before I end that I should also mention something. I had this big feeling yesterday that Justice is going to be someone really special-I think God has big plans for him. The boy ever since he was little has talked about God and Jesus and how much they love everyone and his own ideas about God's powers (we even have it on video-it is hilarious). He will tell anyone and everyone that he meets that he is a Christian and all about God's love for them. He will interrupt his teacher in school even so he can tell the class that God loves everyone even if they are bad. I just really think that he is going to grow up and do some amazing things-like be a missionary or pastor, evangelist-something along those lines! I just hope that all my kids love God as much as I do and that all of them follow what God wants them to do but I just have this feeling about Justice-only time will tell!

Ok-gotta go get the girls since they just woke up from their nap! Have a great day and weekend just in case I don't get on here for a couple days!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Glad I did things my way

So I just got off the phone with the lady from the school. The school has decided that since Adrianna is making some progress the last few weeks in class that they are not going to test her! Needless to say I let the lady know that I decided to do testing outside of the school. I then asked that if the people testing decided that she does need extra help then the school has to do something right????----the answer I got was no. HUH-I am so sick of this! Her therapist and psychiatrist told me that if these tests come back and say that she has PDD-NOS then she has to get the extra help at school-they have no choice but according to this lady they have to take the testing into consideration but if they still think it doesn't effect her at school they will not give her the extra help and just because she may have PDD-NOS she doesn't automatically get that help! I have a feeling I have a HUGE fight on my hands so please keep praying for her and us in this!

EDIS came out today to let me know that Kiersten doesn't qualify for their program! That I am happy about-that means there is nothing wrong with her. The only reason I went along with there testing is because her doctor suggested it just to make sure things are ok with her since her seizures and they are She tested average on everything. She only got on score that was kind of low-but still normal-and that was because she just flat out told them that she didn't want to do what she asked! It is good to know that she isn't behind on anything-now if we could just get her to be a little nicer.

I think that is all that is new! I will update later! Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Weekend!

What a weekend! We have had BEAUTIFUL weather! Saturday we all went out shopping and thanks to Jody got some great deals on clothes for the kids! While at the PX/BX I ended up walking past the garden section and ended up getting some flower seeds and stuff for the front yard! Wasn't planned but it was neat to get the stuff! Saturday night we went to some friends house for dinner and poker. It was another fun night.

Today beautiful day again! After church we came home and started on the front yard! The ground was so hard but we got it dug up and seeds planted! We also stopped at Lowes and got a rose bush and some fence to go around the garden! Hopefully the seeds grow and we get a beautiful garden but we will see! If the flowers don't grow maybe I will just go and buy ones that are already bloomed and plant those!

Here are some pictures of the weekend! Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend as well!