Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pics from Memorial Weekend

Just wanted to post some pictures from our Memorial weekend! Hope that everyone has had a great day!

What a great weekend!

We had another great weekend! It was so much fun to spend time with our family and neighbors! We went to one neighbors house on Saturday night for poker night and had a BBQ! We ended up eating steaks instead of ribs because the ribs got burned up some how but I love steak too so it was no big deal! I ended up being the first one out which is usually how it goes but I just love to have fun and play. I never would of thought that Jon's poker set would get as much use as it does but I am glad that he enjoys it!

Sunday was a great day at church. They did a very neat dance thing with some students that were graduating from the Dance school that they have at the church. It was very well done and neat to watch. After church we came home and had lunch and cleaned the house up since the kids had a lot of stuff around.

Yesterday, Jon let me sleep in. Too bad I couldn't fall back asleep after he left the room but it is the thought that counts. I ended up getting up and getting dressed and then folding some laundry in the room before I came out. Our neighbors came over for a BBQ at our house which was really good. Jon made these steaks that literally melted in your mouth. I never tasted anything like it---it was so good. We had so much food that we shouldn't have to make anything for the next two days! We just had a fun time hanging out and then got the kids ready for bed. I did stay up and watch Jon and Kate plus 8! I feel so bad for them and I hope that they can work things out-even if it means they quit the show. I didn't realize until recently that they were married the same day Jon and I were. That means they should be getting ready to celebrate their 10 year anniversary-not going through this stuff. Sometimes I hate the media! Anyway, enough about that.

Today I have to take Kayleigh into the doctor. She has to have a check up on her ears. I am hoping everything is cleared up for her. I know this last ear infection was a nasty one. Her ears seem to be doing ok now though so I am glad about that but we will know for sure when she gets done with her appointment.

This weekend we are going camping with Michael's cubscout group. Should be a lot of fun! Oh-I forgot to mention that Friday night we slept out in the tent. It was a lot of fun. It was frustrating to try to get the kids to go to sleep but still was fun. Then Saturday morning my neighbor came and took the kids over to her house for pancakes so Jon and I could still sleep. When I got out of the tent to go in and take a shower she was walking down the road with them (all 7 kids) all dressed and heading to the park! She is so sweet and the kids had so much fun!

Well, I hope that everyone had a great weekend and has a great day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Woo-Hoo! It is the weekend!

I am so excited that it is the weekend! We are going to go to some friends house tomorrow night for a bbq and poker night and then on Monday night we are having friends over here for another bbq! It is so nice to have great friends around and I am going to be so disappointed when one family moves this summer! I am so sad about that!

My Grandma got home safely yesterday-s greatful for that! Also I am very excited to report that My step dad got the job with Harley Davidson. He will be their Senior Engineer Tech or something like that! That means that my mom and he will be moving to Arizona in the next couple months! Not too excited that they are going to be even farther away but so excited for him because this is his ideal job and he got it! He is so awesome and God is so great!

Please be praying fr my sister in law today. She is having surgery today to remove a fatty tumor from her back and they have to have it tested because the tumor has grown so fast there is a chance that she may have a very bad form of cancer! I will update on that when I get a chance. Her name is Dawn! Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sad Morning..

So we were all sad this morning because it was time for my Grandma to start heading back to Oklahoma. We took some pictures and then I walked the kids to school. When I got back it was time to say goodbye. I tried not to cry but I did. I am going to miss her but am so glad that she got to come and visit with us for awhile. We got to play lots of skip bo and she even made me my favorite Coconut Cream Pie! I still have one piece left that I will be slowly enjoying today.

Michael is so upset that she had to go-everyone is but he really really enjoyed having her here. He loved getting that time with her and she even helped him study his states that he is taking a test on tomorrow so that one on one time ment alot to him. I did finally get the pictures on the computer and will be adding them on here.

Other than the trip nothing is really new here. I have another cold. I keep getting them and am wondering if it is more allergies than colds but not sure yet. I am getting anxious for school to be out for the summer. I want to be able to do more fun stuff with the kids. The pool opens this weekend and we are planning on taking the kids up there and having fun-probably Saturday---praying it will be warm.

Well, I guess that is it for now. Update more later when I am not so tired!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IT has been a week!

Ok-sorry it has been awhile since I posted! My Grandma has been here and I don't want to miss any time with her. She was supposed to leave this morning but I managed to talk her into staying one more day so I am very excited about that! So this last week nothing much new has gone on. I have just been playing lots of skip bo and eating lots of good Coconut Cream Pie!

Just so you know I got a big disappointment this morning. I got the girls up and went to pick out their clothes and they got very upset because one wanted to wear one shirt and one wanted to wear another. I decided instead of fighting with them on what shirt they would wear I would let them where what they want. It is driving me crazy looking at them in two different shirts but I better get over it. They have two different personalities and I knew it would come soon. I really shouldn't be so OCD about it but I am-what can I say.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is having a great week and I will update with pictures later!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a great Birthday!!!

So today was a great birthday! First off, having my Grandma here is awesome! That makes my birthday great to begin with but then she watched the kids for us so Jon could take me out! We went to a great Japanese Restaurant called Miyabi's! I love this restaurant and then after dinner he took me to get Ice Cream! Well, I think it has been the best birthday in a long time! Well, I am off to bed now! Nothing could top this day! Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a weekend!

So we had a great weekend! It was nice for the most part with some storms-considering we had storm watches for 8 days straight! It is so nice just to spend time with my family. I bought a sprinkler at a rummage sale for the kids and they loved going and playing in that. I also got Adrianna her bedding for her room and some other stuff that we needed for the house!

Oh yeah--I forgot to add this on here! I was weight and measured at Curves the other day and was so excited! I am finally under 180 lbs. In one month I have lost 2 1/2 lbs, 2 1/2 inches and .9% body fat! It feels so good to get results. I even had someone tell me this past weekend that they can tell that I have lost some weight.

My Mothers Day has gone good. Jon made me breakfast this morning. The kids made me some pretty cool gifts! Justice's teacher traced Justice's face on a side profile and made a magnet out of it so it looked like his shade---it is awesome! Michael made me a magnet as well and it looks pretty cool. Adrianna made me a necklace that has her picture in it and I love that! They also made me lots of pictures and cards and sang songs to me! Kayleigh and Kiersten told me about a thousand times today-Happy Mothers Day!

Well, I hope that everyone else out there that are Mothers had a great day! I will update again soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning

So I am back to my spring cleaning! I have decided to concentrate on the kids rooms. I got all the girls rooms done and am working on the boys room but taking a short break to eat some lunch! I get so frustrated with those boys because when I ask them to clean their room they refuse to do it and then when they do do it everything is where it doesn't belong! I was shocked at the amount of dirty clothes that I found in their dresser drawers-especially after I just got done with laundry!

I am excited that my Grandma will be here in five days! I am so happy that she is coming to see me! I just can't wait to sit down and play skip-bo with her and just visit and everything. I will have to keep a close eye on the dog though because being a puppy she loves to jump on people and we are trying to teach her not to. She is just getting so big and I want to make sure she doesn't try to jump on my Grandma and hurt her.

Something really quick before I go. Jon was talking to this girl that was in his language class about God and trying to witness to her but he didn't think anything got through. Well, yesterday she was at the prejump they had to go to (but the jump got cancelled due to weather again) and she came up to him and told him that she had been thinking alot about it lately. They didn't get anytime tp really discuss it due to Jumpmasters wanting their attention but please pray that he is able to witness to her and she can see the truth about a relationship with God!

Well, gotta go finish! I have a lot to do today and then I have to head to church for VBS training! I decided that I am going to help out with that again this year! Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a long day!

And I tell you it didn't start out very well! I woke up, took my shower and got all the kids up to go to school. When I came downstairs and opened the shades I noticed it was pretty dark. I turned on the weather while I was doing all the girls hair and noticed we had a nasty storm headed our way so I wanted to try our hardest to get the kids to school and get me and both sets of twins back here before it stormed. Just my luck-just before we opened the door to leave it started POORING! We were drenched before we even got to the corner (and we live on the corner)! I got about half way to the school and a lady that is a mom of a girl in Adrianna's class stopped and asked if she could give us a ride. I asked her if she could just take the three older ones to school and she said sure! Oh yeah-did I mention the fact that I did all of this with no stroller or umbrella since both were in the car??? So after getting the three loaded in the car both sets of twins and I turned around and went home. I then had to walk over to the girls house and get them new clothes and change all of us again! From there my other neighbor drove me to base so I could get my van and be able to go to Kayleighs doctor appointment!

Babysitting went pretty good today! All four girls played nicely and they have been having fun playing on the girls bunk bed! They love having the bunk bed in their room for some reason. Kiersten did fall off the top bunk once but not while sleeping-they were just playing and I think she slipped on the ladder or something but didn't get hurt. The girls did go home earlier today than usual and then I took my girls to Kayleigh's appointment. It went well. The doctor said she still has pus in her ear and the tube is gone but hopefully in a few days it will be totally cleared up and they want to see her again in two weeks to make sure it is gone! She seems to be doing better and when I cleaned her ears out tonight they were not as bad.

This evening we went to watch Jon play Rugby. I left the kids with him while I went to work out at Curves and then went back and we watched as he played. Needless to say every since child of mine had to have showers/baths when we came home because they were all so dirty from playing on the field. It was so wet out there from all the rain today but we got the kids all washed up and in bed in I think record time!

So now I sit here in quiet---ahhhh---typing and watching Dancing with the Stars! I am hoping to get some more of the spring cleaning done tomorrow! I think I will work on the upstairs and maybe go through my closet and get rid of some clothes that I don't need anymore! Hoping that soon I can by more clothes that are smaller! I weighted myself at Curves last night and I am finally under 180 lbs!

Well, I hope that everyone has a great night!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Man I need a vacation

Or maybe just a visit from my Grandma! I talked to my Grandma last night and she is going to be here next week for my birthday! I am sooo excited about this! I am very close with my Grandma and Mom! When one of us is told something it goes to the other---we are like best friends! I just can't wait to show her our new place and to play some Skipbo.

Well, about the only thing new here is that instead of going to church yesterday Kayleigh decided she wanted to be next on the ER trips! She has another ear infection and this one is really nasty! She also has a yeast infection so we got some meds for that! I really hated being in the ER with this whole swine flu stuff going on but I knew she needed to be seen considering the nasty stuff coming out of her ear and I was afraid that her ear drum might have blown. Turns out her tube is no longer in that ear and the one in the right ear is almost out. They should of been out a long time ago but I am not happy with the fact that now that it is gone she is getting infections already! Looks like another surgery may be in her future for more tubes if this keeps up!

Well, I am off to go and pick up around here while both sets of twins are upstairs playing! Fun times let me tell ya! Gotta do the Spring cleaning this week so that adds more to it!

Have a great day everyone!