Tuesday, November 3, 2009


YAY! So Jon finally got his bonus that we have been expecting for weeks! I have never seen that amount of money in our bank account before. After we found out Jon took us to the furniture store across the street to look at some stuff that he had picked out and wanted to get. So we bought a beautiful new couch that has a hide-a-bed in it which will be great when we have company over. I have always wanted one of them and the couch has room for 7 people on it-it is just perfect. I just hope that we can fit it in this living room! We also got a new bedroom set. I LOVE it! It includes a queen size sleigh bed, two night stands with drawers, a beautiful chest of drawers with a mirror and then a chest that the tv can go in and that also has drawers. I feel like I can now have a place to put my clothes since at the moment they are in plastic containers in my closet!

Now here is the big job I have to do. We have to get all the stuff moved to the garage that we are getting rid of by tonight since tomorrow morning Adrianna has her therapy and they will be delivering the furniture after noon tomorrow! I am so excited about it because Shari and the boys will be here this weekend and she will have a new comfy place to sleep!

So also with this bonus, we are paying off all our bills! It will be so nice to be debt free again! I love the idea of taking three bills off the month! That is some more money that we can save in the end! Then after that Jon wants us to get new clothes and he is planning on buying some things! I think the money will be gone very quickly but it will be nice to have things that we need and also be able to take our trip to Michigan for Christmas! This trip is important to us so Jon can see his family before he deploys!

Please keep praying for the girls! Adrianna's arm is doing great-well for a broken arm. She goes in next Tuesday and gets the hard cast put on. We are just praying that it continues to heal well. Kayleigh goes to the surgion on Monday and we are trying to get Kiersten in to the cardiologist earlier than the 20th. I have to get her a new referral-I guess here you have to do it every year. Once the new referral is in then they will try to get her in sooner! I will let everyone know when/if it will be before the 20th!

Have a great day everyone!

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LosingSanity said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on. Mom has been keeping me updated because I don't have time to get online much. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

YOu will have to post pictures of the new furniture!!!