Thursday, November 12, 2009

An update

So the appointments this week all went great! Kayleigh will have to be rechecked when she is 5 years old. If she still has the hernia at that time then she will have to have surgery at that point but I am praying that it will be gone by then. Adrianna's appointment went well and she is now in a long armed cast. In two weeks she will then be put in a short armed cast and then hopefully no more casts! She is doing well with it but does hurt quit a bit. They also think she damaged the sensitivity nerve in her thumb. She is having trouble feeling things with it. She can move it alright but it feels numb and tingly. From where the numbness starts the doctor said that it will probably be about 20 months for it to be back to normal! Kierstens appointment also went well! I was so happy when the doctor said that everything was exactly the same as last year-except for the murmur. He did say that the murmur is an innocent murmur and it is probably coming from the place where her three main artieries come together! Needless to say it is not a problem and that is all that I wanted to hear. It is amazing to see the pictures of her heart now. You can barely tell where her patch is-the tissues are growing over it the way it is supposed to and it is so amazing to me! Thanks everyone for all the prayers. Now I am off today-going to Shari and Erics and then us girls are headed to the beach while the guys watch all the kids! Have a great weekend everyone!

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